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Traveling Beasts 16 States in 65 Days

When my grand-father passed away my VISION expanded and skyrocketed.  You see when I was an only child growing up my grandpa was like a father to me. The only male role models I had were him and my uncle Roy Bymers. I was super messed up back then. I just wanted to do drugs, sell drugs, or take from others. My grand-father once told me that I would own the RV he used to take me away from trouble during the summer months. We would drive from California to North Dakota and I remember telling him at age 12, “Grandpa I don’t want to go unless I can take a carton of Marlboros”. Thankfully, I no longer smoke them. In those days, between 12-18 years old, I was smoking them like an adult. Point being I was BAD as a child. Getting away with my grand-father always made me feel amazing, and just so free. I LOVED escaping!!


I’d return home and get back into some of the same things, selling and using drugs I’m too ashamed to even mention. And I was getting into a lot of fights. Yet I’d think about my grandpas words, and deep down I wanted that R.V., I wanted that amazing feeling of freedom. I would play his words over in my head “if you connect the the sewer”, “if you hook up the water”, “if you jack it up and level it”, “one day it will be yours”. Right around the time this was to actualize I got stabbed. In a HORRIFIC fight I was stabbed in the back, the dura mater, which is the covering of your spinal cord that holds the fluids and such in. I was doing things that should’ve killed ANY 18-20 year old. But why? Why was I doing these things?

Because I was LOST and CONFUSED!

Yet I believe because of him taking me away during the summer’s, I am alive TODAY! I didn’t take the expected path, I didn’t take my grand-fathers path (not exactly anyhow), I took THIS path. The path that allowed be to become who I am today, to do the things I want,  to give my kids what I needed as a kid. The path that allows me to travel with my family across the country earning daily income, teaching others, and changing lives in extremely significant ways.

The day I bought the “BEASTMOBILE” with cash, and the VISION that is now REALITY….

I KNOW my grand-father would be so proud.


Simply because being the bad kid I was when growing up, to actually straightening my life out. If you are at a dark place in your business or you’re feeling lost, I want you to reach out to me. I want you to ask for more details about what will be taking place in the near future. Stop holding yourself hostage by your past and catch up to your future! At one point in my life I had no PURPOSE but it was through the STRUGGLE and obstacles that I was given a VISION and PURPOSE. I was 12 years old when I started getting into trouble. I am no ANGEL now, by far, but I find purpose and passion in helping others DAILY!!
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Enjoy the Journey and Remember to Show Love!!!

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