Traveling Beasts Mastermind Tour Hits Chicago Today

Traveling Beasts Mastermind Arrives In Chicago

This Traveling Beasts Mastermind Tour has been amazing!! Being able to stop and spend holiday time with extended family, priceless. That includes many friends and followers over that last few years. We stopped in Minnesota to meet up with Shane Otto who’s been with us since the get go. Corey Franklin and his girlfriend Brooke came to mastermind, and other friends as well. I can’t say enough “I appreciate you”. Check out the view…


Beast Mode Chicago Style

And since I was in the neighborhood I scooped up another BEAST Cindy Bloom. Along with Nate O’Bryant, Joe Stewart, and myself, Cindy will be speaking some valuable knowledge to our group.illinois-traveling-beasts-2

We barely got across the Illinois border and I’ve already got feedback and results from those who attended our Traveling Beasts Mastermind in North Dakota, and in Minnesota. Besides my results on automation, while traveling with family and enjoying friends, my students are producing their own results. Like my cousin Bri who had 5 Amazon sales within 48 hours of starting our Amazon Mastermind, and Catherine who just had her first $500 day. These will just keep rolling in as we keep traveling along. We’ve got more tour dates ahead including Atlanta, Orlando, Dallas and other stops. If you’re interested in attending upcoming events I encourage you to click below and like my fan page. Reach out to me in my inbox, or sign up for my next live webinar. Our Traveling Beasts Workshops are creating success stories, yours could be next. Connect with us!!

Enjoy the Journey and Remember to Show Love!!!

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