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Relationship Building and Intentional Success Why It’s Important

traveling-beasts-disney-world$30,000 Week!! As we are checking into KOA in New Orleans after leaving our 35 person Orlando Mansion mastermind. Plus we went to Disney!! Thanks Keder Cormier for your hospitality. I started to think about when I got FIRED in 2011 from my $70,000 per year SLAVE JOB. It had me thinking about how POWERFUL our INTENTIONS are, and how POWERFUL our desire to succeed can actually be. This is where the passion TRULY comes alive. 16 states and thousands of friends that feel like family. To think I have all of these relationships due to running an integral business and supporting others through their process fills me with pride. I grew up an only child & having relationships with people across the states means SO much to me , more than you will know! Plus showing my kids that LOVE and diversity is what it’s all about is priceless!

If you think the internet is ALL about money, I just pray that you don’t die that way!


Honestly, not many people have:
Assisted almost 100 entrepreneurs to create 5-7 figures online (I have honestly lost count)
Hosted over a dozen successful masterminds
Been over 55k in debt just a few years ago with a 420 credit score then to date don’t owe a credit card AT ALL with 800 credit
Made over 1.5 million online
Assisted 5-6 people to craft a LIFE CHANGING product or mastermind THATS made over $200,000
Created their own Amazon mastermind that made us $250,000 + this year ready that enabled us to travel to 16 states while training and helping others make money
– Craft a band that DOMINATES in the industry and assist a few others to do the same
Make people actually FEEL cared for and not just a $$$$ sign
Made more friends on the internet than we have made money

You see truthfully CARING for your people can bring forward some AMAZING things, there are TOO MANY cookie cutter GURUS who are taking people from program to program and not getting the FULL benefits. Yes, it may pay the bills, but I know guys who make $1,000,000 plus per year who JUST ARE NOT HAPPY with their business.


Because they feel like they’re just scamming people or taking their money. I know it seems like if you’re making money you should be happy right?? I have found without a purpose and a WHY, everything else is child’s play and people get depressed not being to HELP as many people as they possibly can! So we set another intention and are putting something together that will change SOOOO many lives, if you are sick of just “making money” or not making any at all, this post is for you. We will be changing SOOO many lives this year and I am excited at what it’s going to bring for 2016 and into 2017!! I don’t want anyone feeling left out. If you’d like more information on what’s COMING (it’s going to be BIG) Connect with me below.

Enjoy the Journey and Remember to Show Love!!!

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