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3 Ways To Make NOW MONEY & Create Your Own Products/Services

I wanted you to have this FREE info just for being a loyal follower and subscriber. By the end of it you will know how to:

traveling beasts

A – Promote affiliate products using my FOF Formula as well as Video HitchHiking or giving VALUE BOMBS

B – Create your own info product using mini funnels so that you can sell your own products or services

C – Understand conceptually how to host your own live event whether a mansion mastermind or a hotel workshop

I used to read articles like this, buckle down, follow along and by the end of the article I would be taking ACTION.

I hope you do the same as it’s not easy being an “online marketer” out here in cyber space.


You see when I started in 2010 and was still working a 9-9 job I was treating it as a hobby, but shortly after I got fired from my 75k per year, 401k and full benefits job I had to take it seriously

So if you’re reading this article it’s likely that you are taking your business VERY seriously and want to know how we will do over $500,000 in sales (verifiably) this year alone .


A- So the 1st thing I started out with online and going to suggest to you and also provide examples of (lead by example)

Is promoting affiliate products by giving VALUE to the marketplace, example would be this very article as you read through here.

I may not be promoting affiliate products but promoting my OWN, or if I showed you how like in this KEYWORD TOOL DOMINATOR video how to find profitable keywords with Amazon .

The told you to buy the tool at the end that’s an EASY WAY and example of how to be rewarded in the marketplace by giving REAL VALUE .

Another way and example would be this UBER ARTICLE where I show you how to get free Uber rides then it’s likely that you will click my link and sign up then I get free Uber rides too.

You catch the drift?

If not join my FREE group here and grab my FREE video hitch hiker training that shows you step by step how to do it!

B- The next one were going with is CREATING YOUR OWN products and this one is 2nd for a reason.

You see after you start promoting affiliate products, building email lists such as the one you’re reading this on now.

You may want to start teaching and crafting your own set of products. Teaching people how to SELL TEES like in this training here below.


Or maybe you want to teach people how to do affiliate marketing now that you know how right?

So here’s 3 steps on EXACTLY how to do that:

1- Create a Facebook group with your logo/header and in the file section put 3-5 videos in there so when people join you have them go to the file section for your content

2- Create a foundation or use Ejunkie.com or Sellfy.com to connect your pay pal or Stripe account to them and start selling your products!

3- Host weekly calls and webinars to keep people engaged and constantly learning . This will help you to be able to craft a community that promotes what you do !

If you’re interested in creating your own funnels and products, click on the FUNNEL BEAST banner and watch this video I give some major keys in that video!


C- Last but not least if you’re now crafting your own info products whether they are $37 or $3700 you may now want to increase your visibility and start hosting events right?

This one is a bit more intensive only in the sense that most people struggle mentally in creating their own events.

Once you get past the point of believing you CAN do it , it gets a bit easier and below I am going to provide some steps and bullet points as to do this, things needed etc.

1- Create a solution around a problem like learning how to do Facebook ads even for FREE or a cheap $99 event and you can upswell when people get there

2- Come up with a catchy name and create a BANNER like the one below on Fiverr.com to promote on Facebook ads

3- Target using Facebook ads and grab your banner to get people to comment for FREE if they want to learn to solve X-problem

4- Inbox them using a template message to invite them to your Facebook group after paying on EventBrite.Com which you can create your sales page on very, very easily

5- Take payments through pay pal and after paying redirect people to your group

6- Inside the Facebook group you can provide a nice graphic or text of the details of your event and BOOM!

7- Gather other speakers for your event to make it stand out and people may follow the other speakers increasing your attendance

8- Set a event location and dates then STICK TO IT, give yourself at least 3 months out so you can pack the house!

9- Get TESTIMONIES on your website or blog like you see below to increase the perception of your brand of RESULTS and success stories.

Examples of testimonies:



Things needed:

– Location hotel or even a coffee shop
– Agenda and paperwork with your brand on to increase people’s perception of your band
– Facebook group for attendees
– Stand up banners with your face on it to increase again perception of your brand
– Use Event Brite to set up your event
– Come up with a name and solution your event will solve or do a general event
– Gather guest speakers for your event
– Facebook ads budget

I hope these 3 things will help you to increases sales in your business, gave a better understanding in how to craft your own products or services.

As well as to see exactly how to give value in the marketplace, for the next 3 people to grab my 24/7 Blueprint book from this link.

Which is my 2nd book on how to increase productivity , will be getting my 1st book FOF Formula for FREE as well as a $1 free trial for MNU!

Grab the book here !


Grab the trial here !


Like my fan page and drop a comment if you got VALUE from this blog post, I will do these daily and weekly if I get enough love!

See you at the next event !






3 Ways To Build Leaders In MLM and Online Network Marketing

JSteeleSo if you are reading this article you are in for a treat as I am writing this from a perspective of helping to create MANY leaders online and offline marketing for that matter. So you might be looking to build leaders in MLM or have already built leaders in MLM and looking for further tips.

In this article I will share 3 of the many tips that have helped me to assist my leaders and their leaders in creating very sustainable income online and even in a very specific case helping 1 guy make over 363K his 1st year online.

So you have to ask yourself a couple questions before you dig into my 3 tips on building leaders in MLM.

1- Are you TRULY ready to lift others up more than yourself and build them unconditionally?

2- Are you ready to understand that there are certain points where your FOCUS will shift from one leader to another as other leaders grow above and beyond?

Once you understand these 2 things you are ready and in a ACTUAL ‘LEADER’ role online or offline and can move forward so here are 3 of the biggest things that I have learned that help build leaders online or in MLM from my past experience.


1- Branding is one of the BIGGEST things I teach my leaders is to come online and RIGHT AWAY get out of the gate with your own BRAND and identity to stand apart from all the others trying to make it online .

Align with that brand with your passion, goals and maybe even your marketing style or personality type, this will help you to Slead monsterTICK TO YOUR BRAND and not veer away from something that was just a PHASE.

Use your brand, color scheme and teach your leaders to do it across all channels of your business so that this way every time people see you they call you by your BRAND NAME .

Most people see my logo I actually got done on Fiverr 4 years ago and attach it to my nickname and say “LEAD MONSTER” ! So because I have done such a good job of BRANDING People will always attach my name to my nickname and logo

This is key for your leaders to set the bar high and get to another level!


Ebook2- Creating lead magnets and products showing them how to build a funnel that LEADS with VALUE AKA a lead magnet so when they do their advertising they can promote stuff like a FREE Ebook or FREE webinar like I talk about in the 3rd way to build leaders

You see alot of people get caught up in competing and never REALLY genuinely get to the point where they care more about their leaders than they do themselves . These 3 things will help you align more in a way that will help YOUR leaders and in TURN help YOU!


Because once you build your leaders and teach them to give VALUE and lead by example they will SEE that these things WORK , actually take action, get results and be a DIRECT reflection of YOU and YOUR work!

Makes sense right?

3- Teaching them to do webinars and host their own to set apart from YOU so they can become sustainable and self sufficient , no one REALLY wants to be taught to “LEAN ON OTHERS” right?

So teach them to host and GIVE VALUE for FREE to get people to KNOW like and trust you on webinars this way people get to KNOW YOU. So you are not always pitching or your leaders are not always pitching .

So teaching them to do their own webinars is VERY KEY and speaking of webinars I invite you to register for my next webinar ===>

core 4 formula 10

As you can see building leaders online or in MLM can be very easy if you allow it to be and I want to take this blog post to highlight some of of our leaders who have been getting some AMAZING results starting with Mr. I Make Noise Bryant

This guys came in and absolutely made this stuff LOOK easy and I want to share with you a video him and I did BEFORE he made 363K online his 1st year so you can SEE the transition and how much he ‘ALREADY HAD IT’ in him.

More importantly he has helped more people in a very short amount of time that has taken most people including ME YEARSSSS to do. He has helped over about 10 people to create 6 figure incomes! So pay attention to what he says!

Nate Obryant and Jermaine Steele Video 

Nate Proof



The next leader I want to highlight is Julius Kellowan who is crushing his coaching business right now and making sales DAILY with his lead magnet and tripwire funnels. Here is a video of us out in Orlando about a year ago talking about multiple income streams. This guys a traffic Don!

Julius Kellowan and Jermaine Steele Video

Last but definitely not least a man who came from a MLM and other affiliate modeled programs and FLAT OUT hated it! Why? Because its much easier to sell T-Shirts from his BASEMENT! Inside joke but actually TRUE and this guy has had 30K months selling t-shirts

He has a KILLER product and BRAND he is establishing in the marketing arena and even going to be having his own Tee Software so this guy DEFINITELY understands these components of BUILDING LEADERS .

Patrick Clears 30K In Tees Video


jermaine steele VEGAS

Hope you enjoyed the read and if you did go ahead and read some of my other blogs, LIKE and COMMENT on this page letting me know what you liked about it and register for my webinars and or email lists!



3 Ways To Build a List For FREE Plus Hawaii Details!

3 Ways To Build a List For FREE

dream chasers 3So if you are an online marketer or looking to build any email list of sorts and FREE for that matter you will need to understand some key components to doing so. Today I will not only give you text and examples that way of 3 ways to build a list for FREE.

But will also give you images and visuals to prove or provide any points I may have. So to get it out there and get YOU fully engaged to read through the rest of this blog I want to lead by Example and offer you a interview that has grossed us over 500K in affiliate sales 


Click Below To Get 500K Exposed

500 k exposed

As you can see by opting in and getting your FREE info on how Nate Obryant and I were able to accumulate over 500K in affiliate products and how I personally was able to build teams in the thousands.

But before you can accumulate your wealth and riches you will need a foundation in your business, something I would have ‘consciously’ understood early on in my marketing journey.

Had I understood this I may have saved a lot of time and ‘grind’ so my suggestion to you is to go ahead and get my FREE training here by clicking below where it says FOF Formula to get a better understanding about how to lay bricks in your business.

Click Here For FOF Formula 

FOF Formula

I also want to invite you to go ahead and invite you to my next webinar and allow you into the exact steps I use to build leaders daily without building solely followers, making sure to build leaders who are self sufficient is KEY online.

So go ahead and register below for my next webinar where I will reveal to you the Core 4 Formula

Click Below or Core 4 Formula 

core 4 formula 10



You see what I just did right?



This SAME stuff I am doing in this blog has built me lists on in the HUNDREDS and even THOUSANDS in some cases and I just walked you right through the whole thing in this blog post.

I basically laid the foundation which is my blog I put right in front of you as you read and get VALUE from this post , you decide to watch my training and optin into my list? You see where the FREE comes in?


In online marketing we are CREATORS and CREATE what ever it is we want for our viewers to get from our information and message so in this case I wanted you to understand the 3 main ways I use to get leads FREE and 3 Ways To Build a List For FREE which are:

1- Create The Foundation like I did with the blog and allow people to walk their way into your email list and even in some cases TELL them what you are doing they appreciate transparency in most cases.

So in this case me simply TELLING you that when you opt in to my email list you will get the formulas that helped us to create leaders, make tons of money and travel the world. You KNOW whats going on.

2- Give Value and FREE Training like I did with my FOF Formula , Core 4 Formula and 500k Exposed in ALL of those except for my FOF Formula cause I was too lazy to create the page . You had to OPTIN to GET or SEE the information like in this FREE Fiverr Training here 

See how you have to opt in?

This is what will allow you to build FREE lists with just a simple auto responder like Aweber and some lead pages to collect emails like Lead Pages Here  

3- Webinars is another easy way to get people on your list so even if you are JUST starting out online , you can easily teach someone how to create a fan page, a blog or maybe just set up social media accounts.

Point is that no matter what your webinar may  be about SOMEONE is going to be looking to learn what you have to offer, the only way to get people to buy things from you is to let them KNOW you are there!

So host webinars teaching things like what I taught here today just repackage it , nothing says you could not reproduce my thoughts today and make it even better right? Then you lead people to a page like <—

That page leads you into my next webinar and now BOOM you are a LEAD! This kind of blog post will attract people from ALL walks of the internet cause its PACKED WITH VALUE so please take notes.

jermaine-steeleOnce these 3 steps are done and you gain people to know , like and trust you. You can create offers like masterminds, events or even assist THEM in creating their own products.

Also since I have done this time and time again and its in the TITLE so I have and want to share with you NOW something that will FOREVER change your path of life. Below you will see the information about the implementation bootcamp going down in Hawaii OR another event if this one is BOOKED.



Thanks for asking about the Implementation Bootcamp in Hawaii.

Here’s what we’re doing…

I’m bringing in my tech team and we’re going to spend three hands-on days here in Hawaii designing, building, and IMPLEMENTING your marketing and sales funnels.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

First, we’re Going to Develop a Full marketing Plan for you.

Then we’re taking my seven most powerful campaigns (FB Resurrection, automated webinar, $1,000 a day, four day cash machine, stacker, and more) and literally TRANSPLANTING THEM from my account into yours.

I’m even including all my email copy already installed in your campaign so you just tweak it to be relevant to your business and you’re off to the races.

Next, we’re building 5-10 for you …all “matched” to your campaigns, and all installed on your domain …so all you do is edit the copy where needed, add your product info, and press “go”.

And all of this is BEFORE you even arrive, by the way.

Now, once you get to the workshop – here’s what’ll happen.

First, I’ll walk you through my 7 most effective campaigns
currently used by myself and my high end consulting clients.

These are the same campaigns we’ve installed for you.

I’ll give you complete instructions for how to use them, when to use them, what to do first, and in what order.

Next, we’ll brainstorm ways to model these campaigns for YOUR business.

(Might as well model what’s working, right?)

Then we’ll work on your messaging – your copy, your follow up emails – your ads – etc.

Since we’ve already built the web pages and installed the email templates FOR YOU, this means we’re pretty much filling in the blanks to make everything relevant to YOUR business.

And finally, we’ll DEPLOY it!

This workshop is deliberately very small so that my team and I can personally help you get everything built and deployed while you’re here.

(There are FIVE of us to teach and deploy, and only 20 total participants. So this is VERY hands on.)

My goal for you is to leave with a fully functioning and high converting lead-generation and follow up sales funnel …completely built and ready for deployment.

And in order to make sure that happens, I’m bringing in my own tech team to come help us implement everything.

So when I say this is hands on, I mean it’s really hands on

This is a pure implementation bootcamp where you get your funnel built with SEVEN campaigns and 5-10 web pages …and you leave with everything working and in place.

We do all the “tech stuff” and you just tweak the copy templates and press “go”.

The dates are Thursday, Friday and Saturday April 23-25th

The cost is just $2500 you can do $1,000 upfront and $500 for 3 months or $2,000 Flat
$1,000 a day campaign
FB reusrrection
Webinar Boss Full Set Up
My Automated Webinar Campaign
My Auto Launch Campaign
My IMN Univeristy
My Countdown Campaign
Each campaign will be fully built inside In your system FOR YOU and ready to go …before you even arrive.

You’ll also have all the web pages (over 10!!!) fully built in WordPress using OptimizePress and installed on YOUR domain for you so you can literally just tweak the copy and turn on the campaigns when you leave the bootcamp.

I have 4 bonuses I’m including for this group in December.

Bonus #1: HD Sales/Professional Videos

Bonus #2: I’m going to include all my email swipe copy for your campaigns

Bonus #3: You’ll want to use video in these campaigns as much as possible and that always brings up the concern of “how do I make good videos?”. Well, I’m including my Video branding course as bonus! This helps you make all types of videos that convert… including the ever popular Video Sales Letter (VSL).

Bonus #4: One of my most lucrative campaigns that we’re building for you is my Automated Webinar (AKA: Auto-Webby). And this has all kinds of tricks to make the most of your webinar. So I decided to throw in a HUGE bonus and give you my Ultimate Webinar Blueprint so you can make killer content for your Webinar.

If you’d like me to save you a seat and get all these bonuses, let me know ASAP and I’ll take care of it for you. (Just reply to this email and let me know you’re in).


P.S. The price will go up by at least $3,000 for all future bootcamps so if you want to save $3k, reserve your spot now. Just reply and let me know if you want me to save you a space.

Due to the amazing price of this workshop and the hands-on nature, I expect it to fill up!!

There are 10 total seats and half of them are already taken, so email me back if you want to attend. (Just hit reply and Be Ready to pay).



As you can see Hawaii is only for a select FEW and if you are reading this blog post its because you are someone I like and all I ask that you do is leave a comment below if you are looking to be contacted for more information about this Private Implantation Bootcamp.

I told Nate this bootcamp should be like 5K EASY! But if you go ahead and fill out the application or comment on this blog that you are interested. My team or myself will get back to you and see if this bootcamp is a fit for you at this point and time.

Valentines Day 2015 So as you can see from this blog post how easy it is to have foundation , offer ,   follow up and even GIVE VALUE all in the same place once the bricks are laid in  your desired area!

 Jermaine “Lead Monster” Steele



Watch The 1st Video for My Expect The Process Series

Empire Intensive Pre Launch

Have you heard of these two guys named Ola and Shola? Well if you haven’t then let me ask where have you been? Hiding under a rock? lol

I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at their very first event LIVE in New Jersey called Empire Intensive Mastery and let me tell you the speakers like Nate Obryant, Laura Parrish, Desmond Smith, Todd Dowell and more that have been invited are coming to bring the house DOWN with all of the knowledge and value they are bringing to the table.



At this very event Ola and Shola will show you

How to Create Floods of $1,000′s and even $6,000′s
in Direct Deposits Over the Next 12 Months.


Here’s what people who attending this event as I type are getting.

This is what you are in for.

  1. You stand a chance of getting admitted to Empire Intensive Mastery program if approved.
  2. You get exclusive access to a reseller program that pays out $7,000 in commission from every sale if approved.
  3. You get into a first class seat towards a possible digital luxury lifestyle without the need to be a dork, a nerd or a techy at all using our“done for you” 3 steps online business system.

Now let me tell you about becoming a Diamond member in Empire Intensive and the event you will gain just for getting this.

You will be able to make that type of commission through automated front end sales with our proprietary and obviously proven 3 steps business system that everybody knows works any way, with a professional coach calling your front end customers and closing deals for you.

You keep $6,000 commissions. $1,000 goes to your upline for positioning themselves to show you this incredible opportunity Join the Diamond Clubjust like you are about to position yourself.

When your new diamond members choose to resell our high premium quality product and make sales, they keep $6,000 commission too, they are happy to stay active.

Guess what’s next; the system sends you $1,000 for simple positioning, and no work for it, every time a diamond member in your organization resells if your reseller account is active.

Every time you make sales, you make $6,000, and every time somebody under you makes sales, you make $1,000 as active resellers.

 Being a Diamond member with Empire Intensive you will STOP getting WEENIE commissions and start receiving BOSS commissions.

This program gives you access to a “done for you” HIGH QUALITY and highly targeted traffic, and lead generation services that literally costs you half of what it would cost you, if you did it yourself.


Empire Intensive Mastery Live in New York City. 
We do this event 2nd to the last or the last weekend of every July in the Summer time. As a diamond, you have 1 ticket PLUS an additional spousal ticket. So you can bring a spouse; making it 2 tickets.

All you have to do is to show up at the airport or at the hotel, and the rest of the weekend is on us; the treat from myEmpirePRO.

Starting September 1st, 2014, you will have to apply with $47 if you are not an existing member of myEmpirePRO. You will have to be pre-screened, approved and a physical non-disclosure agreement has to be signed and faxed/emailed in.

Find out ALL the info HERE <~~

You have an opportunity to get in during the pre-Launch at a one time cost of $297 using this coupon code B4LAUNCH which deducts a discount of $9,700 from the regular price of $9,997 instantly.

With the optional reseller account, just 20 sales in a year will put you in the 6 figure income club. And how in their right mind does not want to apart of that club?

All this is just a snippet of what you will actually be getting with Empire Intensive, when ola and shola do something they do it BIG and CORRECT.

So don’t what until the price rises GO NOW and get it while it’s only $297.

See you on the inside.

Jermaine Steele











Team Ambition Presents Dream Chasers Conference

Have you heard of  Team Ambition Dream Chasers conference yet?

If for some odd reason you  haven’t heard about it let me tell you a little more in detail what exactly this mastermind/conference is all about.

This 3 day Conference in San Diego, CA will SHOW you how to become SUCCESSFUL at any home based business. 

If you are STRUGGLING any where inside of you Marketing or feel STUCK I Highly SUGGEST you Get to San Diego and Be at this event.

Some of the Top Marketers Online will be speaking and TEACHING some amazing techniques and Strategies..


       (Click Image Below To Gain Access) 


Come Learn how Jermaine Steele made over $250k Last years.

How Mike Williams created a 3 day Step Formula that Generated him $7,000 in 3 days

How Sulondia Hammond has Coached Pastors, motivational Speakers, entrepreneurs and took them to the next level, Getting the on TV and Seen all over the World while Generating a Crazy income at home.

How Ryan Tate and Bryan Tate have made a Million since they started their online Career.

And How Nate Obryant made over $180k in 8 months of Being ONLINE.

This is a Conference you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS..


You see just being around like minded individuals and seeing how they had success from the different techniques they have mastered can change the game for you.

Take that leap of FAITH and follow where the trail of success leads you to. It won’t be until you make a DECISION that things you want to change in your business will CHANGE!

We took that leap of FAITH and did whatever we had to and went on on very first 8 hour plane ride to Atlanta. Because in our heart we KNEW that that one DECISION we made on getting to that event would change our lives.

And look at us now. We create our OWN EVENTS/MASTERMINDS but it took for us to learn from the best and implement what was taught to us and now we are teaching what we learned and new techniques we have mastered ourselves to YOU so that you will be in turn able to teach others.


We look forward to seeing and personally working with you and being apart of your online journey and all the minor and HUGE successes to follow.

See you in San Diego!