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What Would You Do If Everything STOPPED or DROPPED From Your Life & Had To Start Over Online?

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Lots of people ask that infamous question of what would you do if you were start over online from scratch? Well here is my version and it starts with some simple stuff such as BRANDING, SOLVING PROBLEMS, PROVIDE SOLUTIONS to people who are looking to generate leads and find a program or create my own that would allow them to:

1- Benefit from what it is I am providing such as a system or training so that they too can learn the principles such as branding, creating info products, or maybe generate leads online

2- Create their OWN infrastructure online and not be dependent upon MY information as I have helped many people to make money online I have found that NO ONE almost NO ONE wants to be tied to a company or feel like they do not have their OWN VISION.

3- Generate leads based on content marketing or retargeting people in their niche in order to provide enough VALUE to keep their audiences attention.

How To Start From Scratch Video

These things will allow you to start to understand the KEY components in making money online so eventually you can create your own FREE information or blogs such as this that leads people to your lead magnets such as a FREE Amazon Webinar like this one ===> WATCH FREE AMAZON WEBINAR

Then as people ascend through your information solving their problems like making money on Amazon or buying a book about BRANDING, they then can see the POWER in the rest of the information you may provide and get to your live events.

Check Out My Last Live Event Below


As you can see these methods and strategics can be used in ways that advance people into your training and or coaching in which ever way they choose, whether that be it slow, fast or turtle pace. The KEY is to ALWAYS provide VALUE to your audience at every level so that people who are just starting out can understand you but veterans who have been at it for YEARS can learn a thing or two.

Just be sure to SOLVE peoples problems and allow them to read between the lines. I mean the old saying is

Don’t Do What I Say, DO As I DO

247As long as you continue to provide VALUE in your niche, get around the right people and show up to events. It does not MATTER how much competition there is out there because your market will have a place for you as long as your content is unique and from the heart.

I am going to be giving away 5 copies of each 1 of my books for the people who follow these simple steps. The 1st book I am giving away is FOF Formula and the 2nd books is 24/7 Blueprint between the 2 of these books you can learn how to build foundation as well as implement a SOLID routine!

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3 Ways To Make NOW MONEY & Create Your Own Products/Services

I wanted you to have this FREE info just for being a loyal follower and subscriber. By the end of it you will know how to:

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A – Promote affiliate products using my FOF Formula as well as Video HitchHiking or giving VALUE BOMBS

B – Create your own info product using mini funnels so that you can sell your own products or services

C – Understand conceptually how to host your own live event whether a mansion mastermind or a hotel workshop

I used to read articles like this, buckle down, follow along and by the end of the article I would be taking ACTION.

I hope you do the same as it’s not easy being an “online marketer” out here in cyber space.


You see when I started in 2010 and was still working a 9-9 job I was treating it as a hobby, but shortly after I got fired from my 75k per year, 401k and full benefits job I had to take it seriously

So if you’re reading this article it’s likely that you are taking your business VERY seriously and want to know how we will do over $500,000 in sales (verifiably) this year alone .


A- So the 1st thing I started out with online and going to suggest to you and also provide examples of (lead by example)

Is promoting affiliate products by giving VALUE to the marketplace, example would be this very article as you read through here.

I may not be promoting affiliate products but promoting my OWN, or if I showed you how like in this KEYWORD TOOL DOMINATOR video how to find profitable keywords with Amazon .

The told you to buy the tool at the end that’s an EASY WAY and example of how to be rewarded in the marketplace by giving REAL VALUE .

Another way and example would be this UBER ARTICLE where I show you how to get free Uber rides then it’s likely that you will click my link and sign up then I get free Uber rides too.

You catch the drift?

If not join my FREE group here and grab my FREE video hitch hiker training that shows you step by step how to do it!

B- The next one were going with is CREATING YOUR OWN products and this one is 2nd for a reason.

You see after you start promoting affiliate products, building email lists such as the one you’re reading this on now.

You may want to start teaching and crafting your own set of products. Teaching people how to SELL TEES like in this training here below.


Or maybe you want to teach people how to do affiliate marketing now that you know how right?

So here’s 3 steps on EXACTLY how to do that:

1- Create a Facebook group with your logo/header and in the file section put 3-5 videos in there so when people join you have them go to the file section for your content

2- Create a foundation or use Ejunkie.com or Sellfy.com to connect your pay pal or Stripe account to them and start selling your products!

3- Host weekly calls and webinars to keep people engaged and constantly learning . This will help you to be able to craft a community that promotes what you do !

If you’re interested in creating your own funnels and products, click on the FUNNEL BEAST banner and watch this video I give some major keys in that video!


C- Last but not least if you’re now crafting your own info products whether they are $37 or $3700 you may now want to increase your visibility and start hosting events right?

This one is a bit more intensive only in the sense that most people struggle mentally in creating their own events.

Once you get past the point of believing you CAN do it , it gets a bit easier and below I am going to provide some steps and bullet points as to do this, things needed etc.

1- Create a solution around a problem like learning how to do Facebook ads even for FREE or a cheap $99 event and you can upswell when people get there

2- Come up with a catchy name and create a BANNER like the one below on Fiverr.com to promote on Facebook ads

3- Target using Facebook ads and grab your banner to get people to comment for FREE if they want to learn to solve X-problem

4- Inbox them using a template message to invite them to your Facebook group after paying on EventBrite.Com which you can create your sales page on very, very easily

5- Take payments through pay pal and after paying redirect people to your group

6- Inside the Facebook group you can provide a nice graphic or text of the details of your event and BOOM!

7- Gather other speakers for your event to make it stand out and people may follow the other speakers increasing your attendance

8- Set a event location and dates then STICK TO IT, give yourself at least 3 months out so you can pack the house!

9- Get TESTIMONIES on your website or blog like you see below to increase the perception of your brand of RESULTS and success stories.

Examples of testimonies:



Things needed:

– Location hotel or even a coffee shop
– Agenda and paperwork with your brand on to increase people’s perception of your band
– Facebook group for attendees
– Stand up banners with your face on it to increase again perception of your brand
– Use Event Brite to set up your event
– Come up with a name and solution your event will solve or do a general event
– Gather guest speakers for your event
– Facebook ads budget

I hope these 3 things will help you to increases sales in your business, gave a better understanding in how to craft your own products or services.

As well as to see exactly how to give value in the marketplace, for the next 3 people to grab my 24/7 Blueprint book from this link.

Which is my 2nd book on how to increase productivity , will be getting my 1st book FOF Formula for FREE as well as a $1 free trial for MNU!

Grab the book here !


Grab the trial here !


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Relationship Building and Intentional Success Why It’s Important

traveling-beasts-disney-world$30,000 Week!! As we are checking into KOA in New Orleans after leaving our 35 person Orlando Mansion mastermind. Plus we went to Disney!! Thanks Keder Cormier for your hospitality. I started to think about when I got FIRED in 2011 from my $70,000 per year SLAVE JOB. It had me thinking about how POWERFUL our INTENTIONS are, and how POWERFUL our desire to succeed can actually be. This is where the passion TRULY comes alive. 16 states and thousands of friends that feel like family. To think I have all of these relationships due to running an integral business and supporting others through their process fills me with pride. I grew up an only child & having relationships with people across the states means SO much to me , more than you will know! Plus showing my kids that LOVE and diversity is what it’s all about is priceless!

If you think the internet is ALL about money, I just pray that you don’t die that way!


Honestly, not many people have:
Assisted almost 100 entrepreneurs to create 5-7 figures online (I have honestly lost count)
Hosted over a dozen successful masterminds
Been over 55k in debt just a few years ago with a 420 credit score then to date don’t owe a credit card AT ALL with 800 credit
Made over 1.5 million online
Assisted 5-6 people to craft a LIFE CHANGING product or mastermind THATS made over $200,000
Created their own Amazon mastermind that made us $250,000 + this year ready that enabled us to travel to 16 states while training and helping others make money
– Craft a band that DOMINATES in the industry and assist a few others to do the same
Make people actually FEEL cared for and not just a $$$$ sign
Made more friends on the internet than we have made money

You see truthfully CARING for your people can bring forward some AMAZING things, there are TOO MANY cookie cutter GURUS who are taking people from program to program and not getting the FULL benefits. Yes, it may pay the bills, but I know guys who make $1,000,000 plus per year who JUST ARE NOT HAPPY with their business.


Because they feel like they’re just scamming people or taking their money. I know it seems like if you’re making money you should be happy right?? I have found without a purpose and a WHY, everything else is child’s play and people get depressed not being to HELP as many people as they possibly can! So we set another intention and are putting something together that will change SOOOO many lives, if you are sick of just “making money” or not making any at all, this post is for you. We will be changing SOOO many lives this year and I am excited at what it’s going to bring for 2016 and into 2017!! I don’t want anyone feeling left out. If you’d like more information on what’s COMING (it’s going to be BIG) Connect with me below.

Enjoy the Journey and Remember to Show Love!!!

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[ 3 Ways To Get Your Foundation Off The Ground and FOCUSED Towards VISION ]

[ 3 Ways To Get Your Foundation Off The Ground and FOCUSED Towards VISION ]


So a lot of people ask me Jermaine how do you do SOOOO many different things?

Be so productive in your business??

Well 1st thing I want you to do is look on my wall for yesterday’s post about my routine and WORK ETHIC

Then I want to give you 3 different things to start out your foundation and STICK to it

Not get off track and distracted, I remember when I was building things and even to this day

I will write things down, think of them in my head and I would STILL get distracted ! 

So now what I do is I visualize the FOUNDATION 1st which is like your website , your blog , your Fanpage or even any type of social media platform

After I start to think of some type of BRAND for my new foundation and funnel , this will help people to SEE and FEEL what I a doing…

Branding is the most powerful thing we can do even if it’s a simple logo or graphic from http://FIVERR.com

People EAT with their eyes so grabbing a logo, graphic or SOMETHING to promote your new FOUNDATION will be KEY

Make sure you make your graphic relevant to your niche or topic of that specific product , service or endeavor

Example would be a logo about traveling beasts should include a visual of some type of traveling so my viewers can grasp the concept of what I am doing from my imagery..

Your VISION must be as REAL on paper and in other people’s minds as it is in yours , imagery helps to “MAKE IT REAL”

Last but not least I begin to in my notes on my IPhone as the same way I am typing this message will brainstorm fresh content …

Content as in Facebook posts, blog posts and even videos as to how it will look or sound when I put it out there ..

I usually breakdown 3 concepts or 5 at most like this article as an example , it’s 3 ways to get your foundation moving and VISION along..

This is an example of where this article and post stemmed from , I came up with the 3 topics below and then write around them..

Brainstorming your topics and content will serve as a guideline and allow you to NOT get “off track” with your thoughts

This is one of my MAIN tips as a super affiliate and super CONTENT creator ..

So let’s give the QUICK RECAP AKA the place my actual article stemmed from below…

1- Visualize
2- Brand it
3- Brainstorm your content


These “NUGGETS” will be released as posts , blogs and eventually go into AUDIO format and delivered onto my monthly Traveling Beasts mastermind groups for downloadable listening …

Traveling Beasts Group Invite ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeUn2XueZH8

I am also hosting a FREE LIVE webinar on 4 different ways to make AFFILIATE CASH you can register here ==> http://jumponmywebinars.com

Also I shot this quick FOF Formula INTRO for you so you can better understand “FOF

Watch Video ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sg2j91JkFds

I also included this BRANDING video , mAke sure to like, rate and comment!!

Beading Yourself ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ub_ShozLxGg

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4 Fast Ways To Create Affiliate Income

4 Fast Ways To Create Affiliate Income

FREE VALUE!!! People Sell This Kind of INFO I Give It Away!

4 fast ways to create affiliate income

I just came back from a weekend in Las Vegas with my beautiful fiance Ashley. We enjoy being able to live our lives with freedom, and the ability to help others reach their goals. I tell my coaching clients to always give VALUE! What you give you get. It’s these 4 fast ways to create affiliate income that I used when I first started on this journey. I can’t promise you guaranteed income. I can promise you this though, these 4 fast ways to create affiliate income will get you started on the right path to freedom. The sooner you start applying the 4 fast ways to create affiliate income the closer you are to your goal.

4 Fast Ways To Create Affiliate Income Simplified

Video Reviews

  • Find a trending or popular affiliate product or news topic
  • Create a quick 2 minute video on it or go more in depth and use keywords to tag your video , when someone searches for that keyword they find you and buy from your link
  • Post your videos In relevant groups or on sites to get more exposure

Niche Fan Pages

  • Create a FANPAGE based on a particular niche or hobby
  • Fill it with relevant content based in that niche or hobby
  • Take a cpa or affiliate offer and put it in front of the targeted visitors you have acquired
  • Selling On EBay or Amazon

Hosting Webinars

  • Pick a company or niche and target them using Facebook ads
  • Set up a webinar and target MLM companies that need assistance getting leads for their business
  • Create a POWERPOINT and present to them the deal they cant resist
  • L. I . T take something you learn today which is a whole lot and REINVENT it


  • Pick a strength or hobby that you have that you can sell on Fiverr
  • This can be a creating something physical or even something as simple as creating a video for your customer
  • You can write for people
  • You can edit videos for people
  • Use these starter funds to scale up your business

4 Fast Ways to Create Affiliate Income From Home

If you’re interested in working with me personally I suggest you ===>Jump On My Webinar

Or Grab My Core4Formula and I’ll show you my exact method to create a foundation to build a business upon.

I'm grateful for you

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