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3 Ways To Getting Started Making Money Online – The SHOCKING TRUTH

3 Ways To Get Started ACTUALLY Making Money Online ….


So as I start my journey to Orlando Florida for the Dream Chasers #3 event with one of my closest business partners Nate Bryant and many other talented individuals like Rosie Almeda, Patrick Malone, Che Feemster , Keder Cormier and others…


dream chasers 3


I wanted to write this quick blog post to give you some VALUE in REAL TIME as I sit at the LAX airport I wanted you to know that if you are reading this post in an email , Facebook group or blog post and started reading it because of the TITLE

I caution you to read BETWEEN the LINES because most people are looking for GLITTER when they should be looking for GOLD

What do I mean by this?

Lots of people come online paying attention to CATCHY headlines like:

Make $45,007 in 72 hours or less!
3 Ways To Make Money In Your PJ’s !
Ex Store Manager Cashes In On Blogging!

Just only to get caught up in some FANCY SMANCY sales letter or fancy words that intrigue you to BUY everything from them right?

So when I give you these 3 ways to make money you have to ACTUALLY put 2 and 2 together and go out and execute sound cool?

#1 EBAY ebay

Alright so the #1 way I highly suggest people to start with and I will explain WHY is EBAY..

The reason WHY is it is GREAT practice and most people ALREADY have cool stuff they don’t need lying around the house they can sell..

#2nd reason that this is something ANYONE can do and sometimes online marketing can be a HUGE LEARNING curve setting up auto responders, blogs, emails and learning to MASTER and CAPTURE social media..

So Ebay you can do with just a PC, some stuff lying around and an internet connection..

Oh yeah almost forgot the Camera 🙂

So I highly suggest you just go straight over to Ebay and go ahead start listing some RANDOM items you can learn how to do it by watching a YouTube video or pay me for a coaching session 🙂

$297 for 1 session that will allow you to TAP INTO what REALLY will allow you to start making FAST CASH or like I said head over to YouTube and start watching FREE training on how to post on EBAY..

Alright that was easy enough time for #2 way to make money online..

#2 Affiliate Products affiliates_program

So one of the most lucrative ways I have found to make money online is with selling affiliate products like Clickbank products , Clicksure products and other affiliate networks that allow to sell without having to BUY the product,..,

When I 1st lost my job back in 2011 the only thing I really understood was this along with Ebay, the problem was that I didn’t know how to get TRAFFIC and TRAFFIC is KEY.

So what I did was post in Facebook groups , started to build an email list and do blogs so my blogs would RANK on the search engines when people would SEARCH for STUFF online …

That and video marketing is some of the EASIEST ways to actually make SOME TYPE of cash so that you can gain more BELIEF and venture out into other things..

Taking an affiliate link and doing a video about it and reviewing it, putting the TITLE and tags to MATCH the KEYWORD you are trying to RANK for ..

For example you can become an affiliate for my new product Banner Ad Frenzy here and write a review or do a video about it and when someone searches for the keyword Banner Ad Frenzy on Youtube then sees your video..

Likes your review or maybe you offer a BONUS and then they will BUY FROM YOU!

Another easy way to make money online …

#3 Selling On Fiverr.com fiverr

This next one also kept me afloat and from having to go back to work from 2011 to 2012 while I was figuring out the internet or at least put gas in my car and cash in my pay pal …

It allowed me to realize if I could make $5 every time I wrote an article or blog for someone that I was going to be RICH

So the easiest way to get started online with selling on Fiverr is to create an account and just get started I will leave some ways you can USE fiverr for getting traffic and if you want to learn more about SELLING on Fiverr.

Once again just go to Youtube and type in “selling on Fiverr”

Once you get the general idea it is just simply all about setting up your GIG to be positioned to SELL on Fiverr so that you can get $5 or even $10 or $20 when someone buys..

Once again if you need one on one coaching it starts at $297 per session and you can get started by simply filling out my contact form that pops up on this BLOG

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To Your Success

Jermaine Steele