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BMT Formula & How To Craft a MILLION DOLLAR Brand Online – $1,000,000 Branding Formula

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So if you’re reading this article you obviously are wanting to know more about how to brand yourself , how to brand a company or maybe just love reading my blogs ?

I don’t blame you 🙂

A lady told me last week that reading through all my blogs was like drinking from a water hose…

Today’s topic will include talking of branding/identity , having the right MENTORSHIP as well as being able to actually DO all the “techie” stuff online when it comes to actually BUILDING A BRAND..


I found early on in my “marketing career/journey that BRANDING is so POWERFUL and luckily I didn’t have to learn the hard way..

I bought a Ebook early on 2009 that broke down branding and positioned it as the #1 stop when starting an online business..

So I want to “gift” you the same VALUE that I believe put us on the right track..

So problem lies where people go 6 months to a year without actually developing a umbrella brand .

Something that can be the culture , the community and the foundation of your business

So before a foundation as I speak of in my FOF formula comes the cart before the horse ..


So in this order I would recommend you taking your business to the next level

1- Finding a strong brand/identity , you see online or in life in general people struggle already with “finding purpose” or asking themselves questions like:

“Why are they making money and I am not?”
“Why is god doing this to me?”
“Why am I here?”
“Why me?”


These are all questions of doubting ones identity from this blogs perspective and when you have doubts of WHO you actually are and WHAT you represent..

Well , you see the problem right??

So what’s the solution ?

Finding and becoming 1 with your commitment and decision to your CRAFT or BRAND..

Meaning solidify in your mind WHAT you actually want to be doing and become “CONTENT” with your direction in business

Meaning are you going to do MLM?
Affiliate marketing?
Niche fanpage?

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So once you actually make this decision and cstruggling with belief, support, or understaningomittment to yourself it will not only boost your “LOOK” but also boost your confidence..

Makes sense right? You don’t actually need a MENTOR at this point just YET and here’s why I say that…

With my students I always ask them to foresee the niche they see themselves working in , then after that when they sleep at night or before..

Pray, meditate or whatever they do to “ask for” a brand and name/identity. Things surface easily when we rise our online BELIEFS to align with traditional BELIEFS..

Trust me it works because we KNOW that God watches over us , so if YOU truly BELIEVE that, then you KNOW by FAITH and FAITH only your answer will surface !

Deep stuff I know but works for most people with ANY TYPE of BELIEF system.

You don’t need a mentor for this, not yet..

But that leads me to my next phase 2 which is after identifying your brand or even before if you feel you REALLY need help comes hiring a MENTOR…

10007012_716850618336976_130908974_n2- Having a mentor both short term and long term is KEY and yes if you hire them as step 1 you’re still ahead of the game..

But I suggest this interchangeably because no matter what these 2 steps come FIRST!

Branding and then having a mentor or vice versa because then after you have adopted your brand. You can ask your mentor for things that will assist you in growing your branding like:

– How to expose your brand
– Build a following
– Building a community
– Building a culture
– Mindset
– Tons of other things

You see most people spend 1000s even 10s of 1000s before they see success online and I truly believe it’s because they do not follow FORMULAS..

Just like I have given you the FOF FORMULA and in this article my BMT FORMULA (BMT sounds like a sandwhich)

But just like I have given you different FORMULAS , one should create their own formula AKA KOOL AID 🙂

Meaning that when you hire a mentor they will share THEIR formula but you should ALWAYS be looking at how you can adapt and create your own FORMULA..



noise 2

Having a mentor will allow you to expand your mind , formulas and therefore your brand

Just like this article expanded my brand into YOUR desk today right?

So how do you put all this together and what’s my final stage of BTM FORMULA and crafting a $1,000,000 brand?

Well maybe not final because their so many components but definitely 1 of the 3 I am Sharing today is TECHNICAL!

How do I put everything together??


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3- Technical is EASY when your direction is set , your content with your audience, followers and niche

Everything you do will align with your brand therefore strengthening your FOUNDATION..

So your best bet is leave the techie stuff to learn yourself for LAST, quite frankly because most of the techie stuff you can learn on:


What I am REALLY saying about the technical aspect of things and “piecing things together” and not feeling “overwhelmed” will stem from being consistent and applying

The ACTUAL learning curve is really never an issue unless of course you’re taking GEOMETRY..

But online marketing at its simplistic form is NOT GEOMETRY its marketing and advertising.

So once you understand the “basics” of the technical aspect of things you will begin to understand things are all based on CONSISTENCY

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Increase your “front end” visits or conversions AKA sales and your “back end” or “upsells” will continue to increase

Conversions happen when someone attaches emotion to something symbolic or for sale..

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