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What Would You Do If Everything STOPPED or DROPPED From Your Life & Had To Start Over Online?

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Lots of people ask that infamous question of what would you do if you were start over online from scratch? Well here is my version and it starts with some simple stuff such as BRANDING, SOLVING PROBLEMS, PROVIDE SOLUTIONS to people who are looking to generate leads and find a program or create my own that would allow them to:

1- Benefit from what it is I am providing such as a system or training so that they too can learn the principles such as branding, creating info products, or maybe generate leads online

2- Create their OWN infrastructure online and not be dependent upon MY information as I have helped many people to make money online I have found that NO ONE almost NO ONE wants to be tied to a company or feel like they do not have their OWN VISION.

3- Generate leads based on content marketing or retargeting people in their niche in order to provide enough VALUE to keep their audiences attention.

How To Start From Scratch Video

These things will allow you to start to understand the KEY components in making money online so eventually you can create your own FREE information or blogs such as this that leads people to your lead magnets such as a FREE Amazon Webinar like this one ===> WATCH FREE AMAZON WEBINAR

Then as people ascend through your information solving their problems like making money on Amazon or buying a book about BRANDING, they then can see the POWER in the rest of the information you may provide and get to your live events.

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As you can see these methods and strategics can be used in ways that advance people into your training and or coaching in which ever way they choose, whether that be it slow, fast or turtle pace. The KEY is to ALWAYS provide VALUE to your audience at every level so that people who are just starting out can understand you but veterans who have been at it for YEARS can learn a thing or two.

Just be sure to SOLVE peoples problems and allow them to read between the lines. I mean the old saying is

Don’t Do What I Say, DO As I DO

247As long as you continue to provide VALUE in your niche, get around the right people and show up to events. It does not MATTER how much competition there is out there because your market will have a place for you as long as your content is unique and from the heart.

I am going to be giving away 5 copies of each 1 of my books for the people who follow these simple steps. The 1st book I am giving away is FOF Formula and the 2nd books is 24/7 Blueprint between the 2 of these books you can learn how to build foundation as well as implement a SOLID routine!

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How To Become a SUPER Affiliate In The ABYSS Of Online SCHEMES! TRAVEL the WORLD!

How To Become a Super Affiliate And HANG With Them too!



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If you are looking at this post you might be wanting to become a SUPER AFFILIATE, but 1st and foremost WHAT does it TAKE to be a SUPER AFFILIATE? Well it takes the following VALUES and understanding:

  • AUTO RESPONDER- An autoresponder to be able to communicate with your prospects and mail them VALUABLE information on a DAILY basis and the ability to build a email list while you are working, spending time with family or building a team. Sending emails manually are a thing of the PAST and you NEED an auto responder! We use Aweber and Lead Pages within Ingreso Cybernetico which I will leave the links below for

Aweber Auto Responder

Ingreso Auto Responder 

  • LEAD PAGES or CAPTURE PAGES- So if you are just getting started and you are using your auto responder with COMPANY capture or lead pages. Which are pages that allow you to capture your prospects emails and communicate with them, COMPANY pages are cool but you want something you can CUSTOMIZE to TARGET your audience. We use Ingreso Cybernetico and our own system Affiliate Beast Mode for landing pages and/or VSN pages as well

Ingreso Cybernetico Lead Pages

Affiliate Beast Mode Pages


  • KILLER PRODUCTS AND SERVICES- So the MAIN thing is to have a killer product or service or even affiliate product to sell. I have outlined a VIDEO below on a SIMPLE yet VERY effective way to make your 1st affiliate sale.


How To Make Your 1st Afffiliate Sale YES



JV Zoo Set Up from Empower Training on Vimeo.
Sign up as an Affiliate – JV ZOO Affiliate Here Get More cool tips- http://affiliatebeastmode.com   You can sell any of these products that you would like to sell NOW you just need to understand some BASIC marketing and AT LEAST 1-2 ways to get EYEBALLS in front of these offers in order to make SALES. So I am going to post a couple videos on some BASIC traffic strategies I hope you enjoy 🙂

Getting FREE Banner Ads With IBO Toolbox


 Sign Up For IBO Toolbox


 How To Use Hootsuite To Post In Groups


Get your OWN blog and or personal blog to promote affiliate products as well which I will cover on an article soon and LINK HERE from which you can learn to do SIMPLE product reviews such as this one here with <~~~~ Meantime grab your ILN blog and BONUSES!

So now that you have the FULL package and understanding on HOW TO create an affiliate income , you can move on to go ahead and start to BUILD your email list! Thats all it takes and LOTS of consistency and HIGHER LEVEL understanding. So pick one of the products and go ahead and START PROMOTING  ! If you subscribe to my email list you can get more info on HOW TO sell and better position yourself!

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