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How To Make Your 1st Sales Online Marketing 2017 – Video Marketing – Affiliate Reviews & Blogging

How To Make Money Online in 2017?

If you are anything like me when I 1st started out online or maybe you are fully into ecommerce and just want to read about some affiliate marketing tips in general. You may be looking for how to make money online.Either way I know what its like learning new skills. So in this (LIKE MY MANY) valuable blog posts I am going to break down for you 3 ways to make your 1st sale or even just make sales in general.

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These are 3 of my favorites so make sure to take notes and block everything out so you can fully implement what I am going to teach you, if you stick around until the end I will even give you my Video Hitchiker videos for FREE to help you with affiliate/video marketing.

Its a FREE quick course I threw together , just because I love to give VALUE I also am going to throw in my video on what I would do if I started from scratch with online marketing.

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So anyhow lets get into the MEAT and POTATOES starting with Affiliate reviews being 1 of my favorite.

1- Affiliate Reviews in the form of video, fanpage promotion or even with pay per click can be an easy way to make a sale online with affiliate marketing. The key is to find a offer that solves the problem of the end viewer or potential user. Write, create video or give value in the niche of which you choose to make the sale. Drive some traffic just like I did to this blog post today and when people find VALUE, its pretyy simple actually.


Get your VALUE and affiliate review of the product (CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE) and people will buy from you, the problem with most affiliates are that they are too lazy or not resourceful enough to put together creative content.

2- Video Marketing is another great way to make your 1st sale and teach others how to make money online, you can create video tutorials showing people how to do something specific and send people to your affiliate offer, this is very common practice in the affiliate marketing arena. An example would be if I told you how to make money online. Then I sent you to a set of video tutorials on how to do it, you buy those videos and I make a commission for referring you there. So goes hand in hand with affiliate reviews and making videos can be an easy way to make money online if you work hard/stay consistent.

3- Blogging is hands down as you can tell by my blog one of the EASIST ways to make your 1st sale online, same thing as with video you just go ahead and write a blog about whatever problem you are solving or affiliate product you are promoting. This way when people find your content on Google or by the way of email they can purchase offers or things they were going to buy anyways from YOUR blog site.

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In WHATEVER YOU DO if you are wondering how to make money online…

Just be sure to SOLVE peoples problems and allow them to read between the lines.

I mean the old saying is…

Don’t Do What I Say, DO As I DO

As long as you continue to provide VALUE in your niche, get around the right people and show up to events. It does not MATTER how much competition there is out there because your market will have a place for you as long as your content is unique and from the heart.

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