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[ 3 Ways To Get Your Foundation Off The Ground and FOCUSED Towards VISION ]

[ 3 Ways To Get Your Foundation Off The Ground and FOCUSED Towards VISION ]


So a lot of people ask me Jermaine how do you do SOOOO many different things?

Be so productive in your business??

Well 1st thing I want you to do is look on my wall for yesterday’s post about my routine and WORK ETHIC

Then I want to give you 3 different things to start out your foundation and STICK to it

Not get off track and distracted, I remember when I was building things and even to this day

I will write things down, think of them in my head and I would STILL get distracted ! 

So now what I do is I visualize the FOUNDATION 1st which is like your website , your blog , your Fanpage or even any type of social media platform

After I start to think of some type of BRAND for my new foundation and funnel , this will help people to SEE and FEEL what I a doing…

Branding is the most powerful thing we can do even if it’s a simple logo or graphic from http://FIVERR.com

People EAT with their eyes so grabbing a logo, graphic or SOMETHING to promote your new FOUNDATION will be KEY

Make sure you make your graphic relevant to your niche or topic of that specific product , service or endeavor

Example would be a logo about traveling beasts should include a visual of some type of traveling so my viewers can grasp the concept of what I am doing from my imagery..

Your VISION must be as REAL on paper and in other people’s minds as it is in yours , imagery helps to “MAKE IT REAL”

Last but not least I begin to in my notes on my IPhone as the same way I am typing this message will brainstorm fresh content …

Content as in Facebook posts, blog posts and even videos as to how it will look or sound when I put it out there ..

I usually breakdown 3 concepts or 5 at most like this article as an example , it’s 3 ways to get your foundation moving and VISION along..

This is an example of where this article and post stemmed from , I came up with the 3 topics below and then write around them..

Brainstorming your topics and content will serve as a guideline and allow you to NOT get “off track” with your thoughts

This is one of my MAIN tips as a super affiliate and super CONTENT creator ..

So let’s give the QUICK RECAP AKA the place my actual article stemmed from below…

1- Visualize
2- Brand it
3- Brainstorm your content


These “NUGGETS” will be released as posts , blogs and eventually go into AUDIO format and delivered onto my monthly Traveling Beasts mastermind groups for downloadable listening …

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Also I shot this quick FOF Formula INTRO for you so you can better understand “FOF

Watch Video ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sg2j91JkFds

I also included this BRANDING video , mAke sure to like, rate and comment!!

Beading Yourself ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ub_ShozLxGg

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