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Beasts In Vegas Live Mastermind Event November 2016

Over $12,000 in sales generated today and we just got to New York – New York in Las Vegas. Our kids are with and we’re going to enjoy the evening out again!! Almost 6 years ago I was free from a job I didn’t HATE but I also didn’t LOVE

Beasts In Vegas Mastermind Event

Fast forward to today, ours, and many others’ lives have been irreversibly changed in our circle. Today I also helped a good friend make a great connection for a 50k plus business deal. My point is that if your focus is ALWAYS on YOU and you’re not helping others to change THEIR lives, that 50-175k a year J.O.B or Business opportunity, means NOTHING!! Like Zig- Ziglar says help as many people as you can to get to where THEY are going, and YOU will get to where you’re going!!

Resource wise…
Relationship wise…

You get the idea!!

And that’s one of the BIGGEST reasons we decided to host our own Mastermind Events. I had to ask myself…”where/how can I make the greatest impact in other peoples lives”? The answer is by teaching them. Then the question became “what’s the most proficient method to do so”? EVENTS! I figured I could spend my time working one on one with people, then thought better. Why not give the one on one mastermind trainings in a group setting? That idea caused an abundance avalanche for attendees.

We just finished a 16 state Beasts Mastermind Tour. We’re still reeling from meeting and assisting so many! Since there is no finish line, and we’re dedicated to helping hundreds of more people succeed, I’m happy to announce another Beasts Invade Vegas Mastermind Event, Nov 10th- Nov 13th, 2017.


While at our Las Vegas Event You can learn:
1) How to build your brand the RIGHT way
2) How to create your own PROFITABLE product
3) Construct a blueprint to offer your trainings for a fee
4) How to host your own Mastermind events

At our Beasts Invade Vegas Event you can find out:
1) How belief and mindset can take you anywhere
2) How average people are getting ABOVE average results
3) Why people are turning to e-commerce and…
4) How YOU can easily profit from popular trends

Beast Mode topics include:
1) Targeted GET TRAFFIC mastery
2) Capture pages and list building – AKA “Funnel Beast”
3) How to sell affiliate products (in your sleep) to increase your bottom line
4) Make high ticket commissions almost DAILY

Enjoy the Journey and Remember to Show Love!!!

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