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3 Ways To Make NOW MONEY & Create Your Own Products/Services

I wanted you to have this FREE info just for being a loyal follower and subscriber. By the end of it you will know how to:

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A – Promote affiliate products using my FOF Formula as well as Video HitchHiking or giving VALUE BOMBS

B – Create your own info product using mini funnels so that you can sell your own products or services

C – Understand conceptually how to host your own live event whether a mansion mastermind or a hotel workshop

I used to read articles like this, buckle down, follow along and by the end of the article I would be taking ACTION.

I hope you do the same as it’s not easy being an “online marketer” out here in cyber space.


You see when I started in 2010 and was still working a 9-9 job I was treating it as a hobby, but shortly after I got fired from my 75k per year, 401k and full benefits job I had to take it seriously

So if you’re reading this article it’s likely that you are taking your business VERY seriously and want to know how we will do over $500,000 in sales (verifiably) this year alone .


A- So the 1st thing I started out with online and going to suggest to you and also provide examples of (lead by example)

Is promoting affiliate products by giving VALUE to the marketplace, example would be this very article as you read through here.

I may not be promoting affiliate products but promoting my OWN, or if I showed you how like in this KEYWORD TOOL DOMINATOR video how to find profitable keywords with Amazon .

The told you to buy the tool at the end that’s an EASY WAY and example of how to be rewarded in the marketplace by giving REAL VALUE .

Another way and example would be this UBER ARTICLE where I show you how to get free Uber rides then it’s likely that you will click my link and sign up then I get free Uber rides too.

You catch the drift?

If not join my FREE group here and grab my FREE video hitch hiker training that shows you step by step how to do it!

B- The next one were going with is CREATING YOUR OWN products and this one is 2nd for a reason.

You see after you start promoting affiliate products, building email lists such as the one you’re reading this on now.

You may want to start teaching and crafting your own set of products. Teaching people how to SELL TEES like in this training here below.


Or maybe you want to teach people how to do affiliate marketing now that you know how right?

So here’s 3 steps on EXACTLY how to do that:

1- Create a Facebook group with your logo/header and in the file section put 3-5 videos in there so when people join you have them go to the file section for your content

2- Create a foundation or use Ejunkie.com or Sellfy.com to connect your pay pal or Stripe account to them and start selling your products!

3- Host weekly calls and webinars to keep people engaged and constantly learning . This will help you to be able to craft a community that promotes what you do !

If you’re interested in creating your own funnels and products, click on the FUNNEL BEAST banner and watch this video I give some major keys in that video!


C- Last but not least if you’re now crafting your own info products whether they are $37 or $3700 you may now want to increase your visibility and start hosting events right?

This one is a bit more intensive only in the sense that most people struggle mentally in creating their own events.

Once you get past the point of believing you CAN do it , it gets a bit easier and below I am going to provide some steps and bullet points as to do this, things needed etc.

1- Create a solution around a problem like learning how to do Facebook ads even for FREE or a cheap $99 event and you can upswell when people get there

2- Come up with a catchy name and create a BANNER like the one below on Fiverr.com to promote on Facebook ads

3- Target using Facebook ads and grab your banner to get people to comment for FREE if they want to learn to solve X-problem

4- Inbox them using a template message to invite them to your Facebook group after paying on EventBrite.Com which you can create your sales page on very, very easily

5- Take payments through pay pal and after paying redirect people to your group

6- Inside the Facebook group you can provide a nice graphic or text of the details of your event and BOOM!

7- Gather other speakers for your event to make it stand out and people may follow the other speakers increasing your attendance

8- Set a event location and dates then STICK TO IT, give yourself at least 3 months out so you can pack the house!

9- Get TESTIMONIES on your website or blog like you see below to increase the perception of your brand of RESULTS and success stories.

Examples of testimonies:



Things needed:

– Location hotel or even a coffee shop
– Agenda and paperwork with your brand on to increase people’s perception of your band
– Facebook group for attendees
– Stand up banners with your face on it to increase again perception of your brand
– Use Event Brite to set up your event
– Come up with a name and solution your event will solve or do a general event
– Gather guest speakers for your event
– Facebook ads budget

I hope these 3 things will help you to increases sales in your business, gave a better understanding in how to craft your own products or services.

As well as to see exactly how to give value in the marketplace, for the next 3 people to grab my 24/7 Blueprint book from this link.

Which is my 2nd book on how to increase productivity , will be getting my 1st book FOF Formula for FREE as well as a $1 free trial for MNU!

Grab the book here !


Grab the trial here !


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See you at the next event !







Hawaii Beasts Mastermind July 3rd to July 8th 2017 You’re Invited

Want to attend Jermaine Steele’s next Beast Mode mastermind in Hawaii??

I have received dozens and dozens of inboxes for the latest Traveling Beasts event REPLAY’S. We’re currently traveling 16 states in 65 days. Doing events, trainings, and masterminding with others. I’m amazed at how much my peers feel more like family to me, I wouldn’t have it any other way. GROWTH and PROFITS cling to me like a magnet. The trickle effect has resulted in many MANY of my students finding their own successes.

It’s an amazing feeling to have individual accomplishments. It’s another extraordinary feeling to be part of other peoples breakthroughs. Like Keder Cormier, and Nate OBryant who are doing multiple digit days, over and over again. Each building up their brand, their products, and their trainings. And becoming UNSTOPPABLE forces in the marketing arena.

You can learn:
1) How to build your brand the RIGHT way
2) How to create your own PROFITABLE product
3) Construct a blueprint to offer your trainings for a fee

When you attend one of the Traveling Beasts events you’re guaranteed to get VALUE and KNOWLEDGE not just from myself, also from other industry leaders who are there to teach you their experience, plus tips and tricks to avoiding some common obstacles. I was once just like you, confused, stuck, maybe even broke minded. Success truly does start with belief!! If you’re lacking belief in yourself, or your business marketing future I encourage you to get to our Beasts Invade Hawaii Mastermind event. Just rubbing elbows has a way of breathing belief into individuals. Like Jeff Duhon and Scott Raley, who are collectively doing close to 2 million in sales using Shopify, eBay, and Amazon. Hearing stories of success moves people. Movement causes action, action causes results.

You can find out:
1) How belief and mindset can take you anywhere
2) How average people are getting ABOVE average results
3) Why people are turning to e-commerce and…
4) How YOU can easily profit from popular trends


There’s not an area that we have people failing in. Most everyone that applies the techniques taught, stays consistent and determined, GETS results. Just like Kristen Zaleski and Joe Stewart both whom recently attended one of our Traveling Beasts masterminds, and shared their stories and techniques. Attendees get the best of the best all around. Kristen was making $1k days in her first few weeks of our Traveling Beasts Amazon mastermind. Joe was already successfully selling his own book, and had a major breakthrough while speaking at our event. CRUSHING his fear of public speaking!!  We really work to allow the inner beast in you to be UNLEASHED!! We’re ALL amazing…that includes YOU! Finding your own greatness is a common side affect of attendees to our Traveling Beasts Marketing events. Beasts Invade Hawaii Mastermind is going to UNLEASH many MANY more multiple figure earners.

Will you be one of the next SUCCESS stories?

Brick and mortar business owners can also benefit from attending BEASTS Invade Hawaii!!

These types of businesses need to broaden their sales/marketing knowledge to include an online presence, proper list building as a customer retention tactic, and learn targeted traffic methods to increase their profits. Yet they struggle to find the time to learn, and then the time to apply. When they are most needed in their role as a business owner, it’s understandable. This is where outsourcing and automation play a major role, and allows us to provide a full circle amount of training that covers nearly ANY business, industry, or niche market.

Event topics include:funnel-beast
1) Targeted GET TRAFFIC mastery
2) Capture pages and list building – AKA “Funnel Beast”
3) How to sell affiliate products (in your sleep) to increase your bottom line
4) Make high ticket commissions almost DAILY

If you’re online and not applying the things I go over in my FREE webinars, your business is probably dying … You’re in LUCK though!!

I love helping people!! For over 5 years I’ve been using webinars, softwares, social media, and LIVE events to teach others my methods. I’ve wrote and published two books teaching my FOF Formula (foundation, offer, follow-up) and my 24/7 Blueprint. In 2016 I brought my family and “the Beast Mobile” on a 16 state tour. And on July 3rd – July 8th, 2017 I’m hosting a BEASTS INVADE HAWAII MARKETING EVENT. Consider this your personal invite to one of our most highly anticipated events yet!!

Learn the SAME EXACT formula I TRULY BELIEVE everyone needs online at the BEAST MODE mastermind in Hawaii July 3rd-8th, 2017. We’re only taking a limited amount of people, be there or be square! Create a life you love and NEVER work another day in your life!! We have 40 spots available and 12 of them are GONE! If you’re interested in ANY of our events or masterminds connect with me by commenting below or via fanpage link.

Enjoy the Journey and Remember to Show Love!!!

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Beast Mode Mastermind Las Vegas, NV








WHOA…There is so many things to say about this last Beast Mode Mastermind in Las Vegas we just had. I mean all these pictures and videos that are up seriously do NO JUSTICE. This is just one of those masterminds that you just HAD to be at. So let me ask you,


I remember when these “masterminds” were just a simple thought in our heads, just something we thought maybe other like minded people would benefit from since we are going the similar struggles or pains but all of us are wanting to be FREE. Somewhere people can go to learn and master different techniques and strategies from different brains or from people who had tons of success or learn what not to do.



You see this wasn’t always this way. We were living the so called “american dream” we both had good paying jobs, payed taxes, bought cars and bought our house with the “white picket fence”. And back then we thought we were living nice, we went on family vacations and just were living a normal life. Then, we had no idea about what this online thing can really do, we didn’t know what it was REALLY capable of. Jermaine started to dibble and dabble with the online thing but of course I was SKEPTICAL. “What a waste of money”, I said. “What are you doing now”, I said. You see when we are doing new things that aren’t “NORMAL” to us we get scared.




Since we don’t know the outcome of trying new things we just don’t do it. Why start something new when things are just fine as they are right? WRONG, what if one day the “NORMAL” is taken away from you? Like getting FIRED. Well let me tell you thats SCARY. Then you go into panic mode and think of that house you JUST BOUGHT or your car payment and the most important just being able to feed your family.

WHAT will you do then?



You see that’s where this online thing could really work. You don’t have to worry about your boss FIRING you or the company going out of business because you are the BOSS. Only you can decide when you want to stop working or when you want to take a vacation or simply just spend time with your family. Affiliate Beast Mode is not just a MOVEMENT we are a FAMILY and because you are our family, not only does your success mean everything to us but so does your growth and just YOU as a person.




So we invite you to join us at our next mastermind in beautiful Hawaii. Come and see your yourself what all the BUZZ is about, come and learn and mastermind from some brilliant people. Not only will you learn and get MAJOR VALUE but you will have tons of fun and the connections and one on one conversations you make are PRICELESS.

Lock in your spot TODAY! There is LIMITED space available. Just Click BELOW TO GET ACCESS.