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4 Fast Ways To Create Affiliate Income

4 Fast Ways To Create Affiliate Income

FREE VALUE!!! People Sell This Kind of INFO I Give It Away!

4 fast ways to create affiliate income

I just came back from a weekend in Las Vegas with my beautiful fiance Ashley. We enjoy being able to live our lives with freedom, and the ability to help others reach their goals. I tell my coaching clients to always give VALUE! What you give you get. It’s these 4 fast ways to create affiliate income that I used when I first started on this journey. I can’t promise you guaranteed income. I can promise you this though, these 4 fast ways to create affiliate income will get you started on the right path to freedom. The sooner you start applying the 4 fast ways to create affiliate income the closer you are to your goal.

4 Fast Ways To Create Affiliate Income Simplified

Video Reviews

  • Find a trending or popular affiliate product or news topic
  • Create a quick 2 minute video on it or go more in depth and use keywords to tag your video , when someone searches for that keyword they find you and buy from your link
  • Post your videos In relevant groups or on sites to get more exposure

Niche Fan Pages

  • Create a FANPAGE based on a particular niche or hobby
  • Fill it with relevant content based in that niche or hobby
  • Take a cpa or affiliate offer and put it in front of the targeted visitors you have acquired
  • Selling On EBay or Amazon

Hosting Webinars

  • Pick a company or niche and target them using Facebook ads
  • Set up a webinar and target MLM companies that need assistance getting leads for their business
  • Create a POWERPOINT and present to them the deal they cant resist
  • L. I . T take something you learn today which is a whole lot and REINVENT it


  • Pick a strength or hobby that you have that you can sell on Fiverr
  • This can be a creating something physical or even something as simple as creating a video for your customer
  • You can write for people
  • You can edit videos for people
  • Use these starter funds to scale up your business

4 Fast Ways to Create Affiliate Income From Home

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3 Things To Know – Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Master These 3 Steps of Affiliate Marketing

For Affiliate Marketing Mastery

I’m transparent with the fact that when I first started online I started with affiliate marketing. These days I’m coaching and supporting others with product launches of their own affiliate marketing products, or hooking businesses into how affiliate programs can help boost sales. Affiliate marketing is so diverse that anybody can do it. It just starts with an idea, or in some cases several. I’m going to give it ALL to you today. The simple 3 steps to mastering affiliate sales.

affiliate marketing mastery

Step one involves choosing a product, an idea, or service. In the marketing industry this is called a niche. A smaller piece of a bigger picture. For instance. Let’s say you like dogs, while that is a very broad area, you can downsize the idea to maybe say German Shepard Dogs. I happen to like them myself. So my niche might end up being dog related but finer tuned by breed. Some products that I could sell to other people might be a de-shedding tool. Knowing that German Shepard Dogs shed alot I think it would be an easy sell to the proper audience. Same would go for say a product that teaches you how to train your German Shepard puppy. I hope you see the connections here. Find something you know about, identify a common problem, and provide your audience the solution. Which leads to step two….promoting.


Just like the variety of product or niche choices, areas to promote in are wide. I’ve used a variety of methods, usually a combination of them but let’s take one step at a time. Video marketing is a trending way to promote. Maybe that’s not your thing. It doesn’t leave you out of the game. I have a friend/partner that made a killing with classifieds advertising. Social media is another huge addition to where to promote or find your audience. An easy question using my example above “where would other people who like or own German Shepard Dogs be found online”? Forums, topic groups, and social media platforms. And that’s where the money is at. Put the product under the right eyes, in the right place, and get paid.

Some people find it easier to get started with a coach or a mentor. In fact I suggest this to all marketers even if that person you choose isn’t me. Know that there is a process, and to be guided through that with support is priceless when it comes to your success with affiliate marketing.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

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