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4 Fast Ways To Create Affiliate Income

4 Fast Ways To Create Affiliate Income

FREE VALUE!!! People Sell This Kind of INFO I Give It Away!

4 fast ways to create affiliate income

I just came back from a weekend in Las Vegas with my beautiful fiance Ashley. We enjoy being able to live our lives with freedom, and the ability to help others reach their goals. I tell my coaching clients to always give VALUE! What you give you get. It’s these 4 fast ways to create affiliate income that I used when I first started on this journey. I can’t promise you guaranteed income. I can promise you this though, these 4 fast ways to create affiliate income will get you started on the right path to freedom. The sooner you start applying the 4 fast ways to create affiliate income the closer you are to your goal.

4 Fast Ways To Create Affiliate Income Simplified

Video Reviews

  • Find a trending or popular affiliate product or news topic
  • Create a quick 2 minute video on it or go more in depth and use keywords to tag your video , when someone searches for that keyword they find you and buy from your link
  • Post your videos In relevant groups or on sites to get more exposure

Niche Fan Pages

  • Create a FANPAGE based on a particular niche or hobby
  • Fill it with relevant content based in that niche or hobby
  • Take a cpa or affiliate offer and put it in front of the targeted visitors you have acquired
  • Selling On EBay or Amazon

Hosting Webinars

  • Pick a company or niche and target them using Facebook ads
  • Set up a webinar and target MLM companies that need assistance getting leads for their business
  • Create a POWERPOINT and present to them the deal they cant resist
  • L. I . T take something you learn today which is a whole lot and REINVENT it


  • Pick a strength or hobby that you have that you can sell on Fiverr
  • This can be a creating something physical or even something as simple as creating a video for your customer
  • You can write for people
  • You can edit videos for people
  • Use these starter funds to scale up your business

4 Fast Ways to Create Affiliate Income From Home

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3 Ways To Build a List For FREE Plus Hawaii Details!

3 Ways To Build a List For FREE

dream chasers 3So if you are an online marketer or looking to build any email list of sorts and FREE for that matter you will need to understand some key components to doing so. Today I will not only give you text and examples that way of 3 ways to build a list for FREE.

But will also give you images and visuals to prove or provide any points I may have. So to get it out there and get YOU fully engaged to read through the rest of this blog I want to lead by Example and offer you a interview that has grossed us over 500K in affiliate sales 


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500 k exposed

As you can see by opting in and getting your FREE info on how Nate Obryant and I were able to accumulate over 500K in affiliate products and how I personally was able to build teams in the thousands.

But before you can accumulate your wealth and riches you will need a foundation in your business, something I would have ‘consciously’ understood early on in my marketing journey.

Had I understood this I may have saved a lot of time and ‘grind’ so my suggestion to you is to go ahead and get my FREE training here by clicking below where it says FOF Formula to get a better understanding about how to lay bricks in your business.

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FOF Formula

I also want to invite you to go ahead and invite you to my next webinar and allow you into the exact steps I use to build leaders daily without building solely followers, making sure to build leaders who are self sufficient is KEY online.

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core 4 formula 10



You see what I just did right?



This SAME stuff I am doing in this blog has built me lists on in the HUNDREDS and even THOUSANDS in some cases and I just walked you right through the whole thing in this blog post.

I basically laid the foundation which is my blog I put right in front of you as you read and get VALUE from this post , you decide to watch my training and optin into my list? You see where the FREE comes in?


In online marketing we are CREATORS and CREATE what ever it is we want for our viewers to get from our information and message so in this case I wanted you to understand the 3 main ways I use to get leads FREE and 3 Ways To Build a List For FREE which are:

1- Create The Foundation like I did with the blog and allow people to walk their way into your email list and even in some cases TELL them what you are doing they appreciate transparency in most cases.

So in this case me simply TELLING you that when you opt in to my email list you will get the formulas that helped us to create leaders, make tons of money and travel the world. You KNOW whats going on.

2- Give Value and FREE Training like I did with my FOF Formula , Core 4 Formula and 500k Exposed in ALL of those except for my FOF Formula cause I was too lazy to create the page . You had to OPTIN to GET or SEE the information like in this FREE Fiverr Training here 

See how you have to opt in?

This is what will allow you to build FREE lists with just a simple auto responder like Aweber and some lead pages to collect emails like Lead Pages Here  

3- Webinars is another easy way to get people on your list so even if you are JUST starting out online , you can easily teach someone how to create a fan page, a blog or maybe just set up social media accounts.

Point is that no matter what your webinar may  be about SOMEONE is going to be looking to learn what you have to offer, the only way to get people to buy things from you is to let them KNOW you are there!

So host webinars teaching things like what I taught here today just repackage it , nothing says you could not reproduce my thoughts today and make it even better right? Then you lead people to a page like <—

That page leads you into my next webinar and now BOOM you are a LEAD! This kind of blog post will attract people from ALL walks of the internet cause its PACKED WITH VALUE so please take notes.

jermaine-steeleOnce these 3 steps are done and you gain people to know , like and trust you. You can create offers like masterminds, events or even assist THEM in creating their own products.

Also since I have done this time and time again and its in the TITLE so I have and want to share with you NOW something that will FOREVER change your path of life. Below you will see the information about the implementation bootcamp going down in Hawaii OR another event if this one is BOOKED.



Thanks for asking about the Implementation Bootcamp in Hawaii.

Here’s what we’re doing…

I’m bringing in my tech team and we’re going to spend three hands-on days here in Hawaii designing, building, and IMPLEMENTING your marketing and sales funnels.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

First, we’re Going to Develop a Full marketing Plan for you.

Then we’re taking my seven most powerful campaigns (FB Resurrection, automated webinar, $1,000 a day, four day cash machine, stacker, and more) and literally TRANSPLANTING THEM from my account into yours.

I’m even including all my email copy already installed in your campaign so you just tweak it to be relevant to your business and you’re off to the races.

Next, we’re building 5-10 for you …all “matched” to your campaigns, and all installed on your domain …so all you do is edit the copy where needed, add your product info, and press “go”.

And all of this is BEFORE you even arrive, by the way.

Now, once you get to the workshop – here’s what’ll happen.

First, I’ll walk you through my 7 most effective campaigns
currently used by myself and my high end consulting clients.

These are the same campaigns we’ve installed for you.

I’ll give you complete instructions for how to use them, when to use them, what to do first, and in what order.

Next, we’ll brainstorm ways to model these campaigns for YOUR business.

(Might as well model what’s working, right?)

Then we’ll work on your messaging – your copy, your follow up emails – your ads – etc.

Since we’ve already built the web pages and installed the email templates FOR YOU, this means we’re pretty much filling in the blanks to make everything relevant to YOUR business.

And finally, we’ll DEPLOY it!

This workshop is deliberately very small so that my team and I can personally help you get everything built and deployed while you’re here.

(There are FIVE of us to teach and deploy, and only 20 total participants. So this is VERY hands on.)

My goal for you is to leave with a fully functioning and high converting lead-generation and follow up sales funnel …completely built and ready for deployment.

And in order to make sure that happens, I’m bringing in my own tech team to come help us implement everything.

So when I say this is hands on, I mean it’s really hands on

This is a pure implementation bootcamp where you get your funnel built with SEVEN campaigns and 5-10 web pages …and you leave with everything working and in place.

We do all the “tech stuff” and you just tweak the copy templates and press “go”.

The dates are Thursday, Friday and Saturday April 23-25th

The cost is just $2500 you can do $1,000 upfront and $500 for 3 months or $2,000 Flat
$1,000 a day campaign
FB reusrrection
Webinar Boss Full Set Up
My Automated Webinar Campaign
My Auto Launch Campaign
My IMN Univeristy
My Countdown Campaign
Each campaign will be fully built inside In your system FOR YOU and ready to go …before you even arrive.

You’ll also have all the web pages (over 10!!!) fully built in WordPress using OptimizePress and installed on YOUR domain for you so you can literally just tweak the copy and turn on the campaigns when you leave the bootcamp.

I have 4 bonuses I’m including for this group in December.

Bonus #1: HD Sales/Professional Videos

Bonus #2: I’m going to include all my email swipe copy for your campaigns

Bonus #3: You’ll want to use video in these campaigns as much as possible and that always brings up the concern of “how do I make good videos?”. Well, I’m including my Video branding course as bonus! This helps you make all types of videos that convert… including the ever popular Video Sales Letter (VSL).

Bonus #4: One of my most lucrative campaigns that we’re building for you is my Automated Webinar (AKA: Auto-Webby). And this has all kinds of tricks to make the most of your webinar. So I decided to throw in a HUGE bonus and give you my Ultimate Webinar Blueprint so you can make killer content for your Webinar.

If you’d like me to save you a seat and get all these bonuses, let me know ASAP and I’ll take care of it for you. (Just reply to this email and let me know you’re in).


P.S. The price will go up by at least $3,000 for all future bootcamps so if you want to save $3k, reserve your spot now. Just reply and let me know if you want me to save you a space.

Due to the amazing price of this workshop and the hands-on nature, I expect it to fill up!!

There are 10 total seats and half of them are already taken, so email me back if you want to attend. (Just hit reply and Be Ready to pay).



As you can see Hawaii is only for a select FEW and if you are reading this blog post its because you are someone I like and all I ask that you do is leave a comment below if you are looking to be contacted for more information about this Private Implantation Bootcamp.

I told Nate this bootcamp should be like 5K EASY! But if you go ahead and fill out the application or comment on this blog that you are interested. My team or myself will get back to you and see if this bootcamp is a fit for you at this point and time.

Valentines Day 2015 So as you can see from this blog post how easy it is to have foundation , offer ,   follow up and even GIVE VALUE all in the same place once the bricks are laid in  your desired area!

 Jermaine “Lead Monster” Steele



Watch The 1st Video for My Expect The Process Series

Beast Mode Mastermind Las Vegas, NV








WHOA…There is so many things to say about this last Beast Mode Mastermind in Las Vegas we just had. I mean all these pictures and videos that are up seriously do NO JUSTICE. This is just one of those masterminds that you just HAD to be at. So let me ask you,


I remember when these “masterminds” were just a simple thought in our heads, just something we thought maybe other like minded people would benefit from since we are going the similar struggles or pains but all of us are wanting to be FREE. Somewhere people can go to learn and master different techniques and strategies from different brains or from people who had tons of success or learn what not to do.



You see this wasn’t always this way. We were living the so called “american dream” we both had good paying jobs, payed taxes, bought cars and bought our house with the “white picket fence”. And back then we thought we were living nice, we went on family vacations and just were living a normal life. Then, we had no idea about what this online thing can really do, we didn’t know what it was REALLY capable of. Jermaine started to dibble and dabble with the online thing but of course I was SKEPTICAL. “What a waste of money”, I said. “What are you doing now”, I said. You see when we are doing new things that aren’t “NORMAL” to us we get scared.




Since we don’t know the outcome of trying new things we just don’t do it. Why start something new when things are just fine as they are right? WRONG, what if one day the “NORMAL” is taken away from you? Like getting FIRED. Well let me tell you thats SCARY. Then you go into panic mode and think of that house you JUST BOUGHT or your car payment and the most important just being able to feed your family.

WHAT will you do then?



You see that’s where this online thing could really work. You don’t have to worry about your boss FIRING you or the company going out of business because you are the BOSS. Only you can decide when you want to stop working or when you want to take a vacation or simply just spend time with your family. Affiliate Beast Mode is not just a MOVEMENT we are a FAMILY and because you are our family, not only does your success mean everything to us but so does your growth and just YOU as a person.




So we invite you to join us at our next mastermind in beautiful Hawaii. Come and see your yourself what all the BUZZ is about, come and learn and mastermind from some brilliant people. Not only will you learn and get MAJOR VALUE but you will have tons of fun and the connections and one on one conversations you make are PRICELESS.

Lock in your spot TODAY! There is LIMITED space available. Just Click BELOW TO GET ACCESS.



How To Become a SUPER Affiliate In The ABYSS Of Online SCHEMES! TRAVEL the WORLD!

How To Become a Super Affiliate And HANG With Them too!



$50 ON MY CALL EVERY Monday-Thursday at 11AM PST

If you are looking at this post you might be wanting to become a SUPER AFFILIATE, but 1st and foremost WHAT does it TAKE to be a SUPER AFFILIATE? Well it takes the following VALUES and understanding:

  • AUTO RESPONDER- An autoresponder to be able to communicate with your prospects and mail them VALUABLE information on a DAILY basis and the ability to build a email list while you are working, spending time with family or building a team. Sending emails manually are a thing of the PAST and you NEED an auto responder! We use Aweber and Lead Pages within Ingreso Cybernetico which I will leave the links below for

Aweber Auto Responder

Ingreso Auto Responder 

  • LEAD PAGES or CAPTURE PAGES- So if you are just getting started and you are using your auto responder with COMPANY capture or lead pages. Which are pages that allow you to capture your prospects emails and communicate with them, COMPANY pages are cool but you want something you can CUSTOMIZE to TARGET your audience. We use Ingreso Cybernetico and our own system Affiliate Beast Mode for landing pages and/or VSN pages as well

Ingreso Cybernetico Lead Pages

Affiliate Beast Mode Pages


  • KILLER PRODUCTS AND SERVICES- So the MAIN thing is to have a killer product or service or even affiliate product to sell. I have outlined a VIDEO below on a SIMPLE yet VERY effective way to make your 1st affiliate sale.


How To Make Your 1st Afffiliate Sale YES



JV Zoo Set Up from Empower Training on Vimeo.
Sign up as an Affiliate – JV ZOO Affiliate Here Get More cool tips- http://affiliatebeastmode.com   You can sell any of these products that you would like to sell NOW you just need to understand some BASIC marketing and AT LEAST 1-2 ways to get EYEBALLS in front of these offers in order to make SALES. So I am going to post a couple videos on some BASIC traffic strategies I hope you enjoy 🙂

Getting FREE Banner Ads With IBO Toolbox


 Sign Up For IBO Toolbox


 How To Use Hootsuite To Post In Groups


Get your OWN blog and or personal blog to promote affiliate products as well which I will cover on an article soon and LINK HERE from which you can learn to do SIMPLE product reviews such as this one here with <~~~~ Meantime grab your ILN blog and BONUSES!

So now that you have the FULL package and understanding on HOW TO create an affiliate income , you can move on to go ahead and start to BUILD your email list! Thats all it takes and LOTS of consistency and HIGHER LEVEL understanding. So pick one of the products and go ahead and START PROMOTING  ! If you subscribe to my email list you can get more info on HOW TO sell and better position yourself!

JOIN Internet LifeStyle Network At PRO Level
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This will get you our BONUS package you see below
By joining our team at the PRO LEVEL you will get: 1- 15 minute coaching session from Jermaine Steele 6 figure earner 2- Software to take your Instagram business on autopilot 3- Our 300 lead per day formula and have leads POURING in FAST
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$50 + $100
This will get you our BONUS package described below
By joining our team at the PRO LEVEL you will get: 1- 15 minute coaching session from Jermaine Steele 6 figure earner 2- Software to take your Instagram business on autopilot 3- Our 300 lead per day formula and have leads POURING in FAST
Also you can find ABOVE some BONUSES that you will get by joining my team and getting started with us if you are NOT already promoting something else or looking for higher leadership than you are already experiencing.

Need 1 on 1 Coaching To SPEED UP Your Growth?!!

1 on 1 Coaching
This is for TWO 1 Hour Coaching Sessions
This will include giving you the tools and resources needed to get up to 100-200 leads DAILY as well as software and TWO 1 on 1 coaching sessions to increase your EXPOSURE and OVERALL rapport online
Meet Up With Jermaine For 2 Days
This for an all exclusive training and meet n greet package
This package will include: A 2 night stay in a deluxe accommodation and flight for YOU only (Guests will cost additional) Ultimate coaching package including you receiving ALL of our resources, software and abilities to get OVER 100-200 LEADS DAILY Beastly PLAN OF ACTION to create CONSISTENCY in your life and business Much more call 559-997-6195 for more details

Once you start making JVZOO sales you can FULLY understand how to SCALE THIS UP! NOW GET BUZY and become that SUPER AFFILIATE that you KNOW YOU ARE!