MemberHub Review Why Build A Membership Site With MemberHub Platform

MemberHub Review Why Build A Membership Site With MemberHub Platform

With technology advancing rapidly it’s important for online businesses, and entrepreneurs to stay aware of cutting edge software and systems that aid in productivity. Those who create with forward thinking tend to make huge ripples in the marketplace. MemberHub is set to do exactly that! They’ve Identified a problem area, and added a long term solid solution. It’s a key to massive growth. Membership sites are a great way to build residuals, gain loyalty, and gives you a proper model that allows you to easily teach and reach others while continuing to provide content to your users.

WHY having a membership site is important?memberhub-2
– Recurring Income Stream
– Build Brand Loyalty and Trust
– Advertising Benefits (another income stream)
– Business Model Fits Multiple Purposes (teachers, trainers, coaches, sales teams, etc)

MemberHub does away with alot of issues that went along with building or maintaining a profitable membership site in the past. Gone is the learning curve for WordPress (one of the most popular platforms), MemberHub is stand alone and does not require wordpress, installs, or plugins. No more trying to figure out proper security settings, MemberHub covers the security needs to insure you don’t have to worry. NO MORE cookie cutter sites!! MemberHub has over 100 templates available within the platform. Not only that, each template page is fully customizable, allowing you to fine tune them to your, or your clients specifications. Email and payment integration in past membership platforms have required extra plugins and more “techie” knowledge just to get set up. Loads of plugins and code bog down websites and make the pages slow to load. Not with MemberHub. You get smooth lightening fast page loads due to the advanced technology that makes it all work.

MemberHub Features That Provide Solutions To Outdated Platforms

– Email Integration With Major Providers
– Payment Integration With Multiple Processors
– SSL and Security Enabled
– UNLIMITED Designs With 100’s of Templates
– Super Fast Page Loads

The two most talked about features of MemberHub? Gamification and ease of use. Also two of the most important pieces to building a 6 figure membership site. Nobody wants to get time sucked into a lengthy build out. We have members putting together sites in a matter of hours. No experience needed, just following the simple step by step walk through videos. I could spend all day describing the gamification features. Briefly, it allows you to create an interactive environment for your users. Used in multiple different ways. You can provide badges, or “rewards” for completing a task. You can drip feed content, where they can’t advance to the next module until the prior module is completed. You can easily add resources for download, or printable material that goes with your content. Surveys and questionnaires are also integrated for interactive purposes and gauging user progress. Built in testimonial boxes are also an option, providing a way to recognize and acknowledge efforts all around.

Of course there are other BLOW YOUR MIND features within MemberHub. Due to it being developed by a product creator and multiple 6 figure product launcher they left no stone un-turned as far as technological capabilities. Filling all needs including built in affiliate options, and automated sales pages for each individual product. Allowing you to build out library after library of content…with ease. Launch after launch building your community portal. If you’re an affiliate marketer you’ve probably already seen MemberHub in action, and just didn’t know it. It’s been in development since early last year, with some major product launches using the MemberHub membership platform hitting 6 and 7 figures repeatedly. Late last year beta testers were allowed in to further test and tweak the system. Now it’s ready for the public.

MemberHub launch is at 11am EST, Wed, Aug 24th, 2016. You can get first dibs on this cutting edge membership platform simply by clicking below. Early bird pricing will disappear fast so don’t wait!!memberhub


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