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What Would You Do If Everything STOPPED or DROPPED From Your Life & Had To Start Over Online?

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Lots of people ask that infamous question of what would you do if you were start over online from scratch? Well here is my version and it starts with some simple stuff such as BRANDING, SOLVING PROBLEMS, PROVIDE SOLUTIONS to people who are looking to generate leads and find a program or create my own that would allow them to:

1- Benefit from what it is I am providing such as a system or training so that they too can learn the principles such as branding, creating info products, or maybe generate leads online

2- Create their OWN infrastructure online and not be dependent upon MY information as I have helped many people to make money online I have found that NO ONE almost NO ONE wants to be tied to a company or feel like they do not have their OWN VISION.

3- Generate leads based on content marketing or retargeting people in their niche in order to provide enough VALUE to keep their audiences attention.

How To Start From Scratch Video

These things will allow you to start to understand the KEY components in making money online so eventually you can create your own FREE information or blogs such as this that leads people to your lead magnets such as a FREE Amazon Webinar like this one ===> WATCH FREE AMAZON WEBINAR

Then as people ascend through your information solving their problems like making money on Amazon or buying a book about BRANDING, they then can see the POWER in the rest of the information you may provide and get to your live events.

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As you can see these methods and strategics can be used in ways that advance people into your training and or coaching in which ever way they choose, whether that be it slow, fast or turtle pace. The KEY is to ALWAYS provide VALUE to your audience at every level so that people who are just starting out can understand you but veterans who have been at it for YEARS can learn a thing or two.

Just be sure to SOLVE peoples problems and allow them to read between the lines. I mean the old saying is

Don’t Do What I Say, DO As I DO

247As long as you continue to provide VALUE in your niche, get around the right people and show up to events. It does not MATTER how much competition there is out there because your market will have a place for you as long as your content is unique and from the heart.

I am going to be giving away 5 copies of each 1 of my books for the people who follow these simple steps. The 1st book I am giving away is FOF Formula and the 2nd books is 24/7 Blueprint between the 2 of these books you can learn how to build foundation as well as implement a SOLID routine!

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BMT Formula & How To Craft a MILLION DOLLAR Brand Online – $1,000,000 Branding Formula

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So if you’re reading this article you obviously are wanting to know more about how to brand yourself , how to brand a company or maybe just love reading my blogs ?

I don’t blame you 🙂

A lady told me last week that reading through all my blogs was like drinking from a water hose…

Today’s topic will include talking of branding/identity , having the right MENTORSHIP as well as being able to actually DO all the “techie” stuff online when it comes to actually BUILDING A BRAND..


I found early on in my “marketing career/journey that BRANDING is so POWERFUL and luckily I didn’t have to learn the hard way..

I bought a Ebook early on 2009 that broke down branding and positioned it as the #1 stop when starting an online business..

So I want to “gift” you the same VALUE that I believe put us on the right track..

So problem lies where people go 6 months to a year without actually developing a umbrella brand .

Something that can be the culture , the community and the foundation of your business

So before a foundation as I speak of in my FOF formula comes the cart before the horse ..


So in this order I would recommend you taking your business to the next level

1- Finding a strong brand/identity , you see online or in life in general people struggle already with “finding purpose” or asking themselves questions like:

“Why are they making money and I am not?”
“Why is god doing this to me?”
“Why am I here?”
“Why me?”


These are all questions of doubting ones identity from this blogs perspective and when you have doubts of WHO you actually are and WHAT you represent..

Well , you see the problem right??

So what’s the solution ?

Finding and becoming 1 with your commitment and decision to your CRAFT or BRAND..

Meaning solidify in your mind WHAT you actually want to be doing and become “CONTENT” with your direction in business

Meaning are you going to do MLM?
Affiliate marketing?
Niche fanpage?

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So once you actually make this decision and cstruggling with belief, support, or understaningomittment to yourself it will not only boost your “LOOK” but also boost your confidence..

Makes sense right? You don’t actually need a MENTOR at this point just YET and here’s why I say that…

With my students I always ask them to foresee the niche they see themselves working in , then after that when they sleep at night or before..

Pray, meditate or whatever they do to “ask for” a brand and name/identity. Things surface easily when we rise our online BELIEFS to align with traditional BELIEFS..

Trust me it works because we KNOW that God watches over us , so if YOU truly BELIEVE that, then you KNOW by FAITH and FAITH only your answer will surface !

Deep stuff I know but works for most people with ANY TYPE of BELIEF system.

You don’t need a mentor for this, not yet..

But that leads me to my next phase 2 which is after identifying your brand or even before if you feel you REALLY need help comes hiring a MENTOR…

10007012_716850618336976_130908974_n2- Having a mentor both short term and long term is KEY and yes if you hire them as step 1 you’re still ahead of the game..

But I suggest this interchangeably because no matter what these 2 steps come FIRST!

Branding and then having a mentor or vice versa because then after you have adopted your brand. You can ask your mentor for things that will assist you in growing your branding like:

– How to expose your brand
– Build a following
– Building a community
– Building a culture
– Mindset
– Tons of other things

You see most people spend 1000s even 10s of 1000s before they see success online and I truly believe it’s because they do not follow FORMULAS..

Just like I have given you the FOF FORMULA and in this article my BMT FORMULA (BMT sounds like a sandwhich)

But just like I have given you different FORMULAS , one should create their own formula AKA KOOL AID 🙂

Meaning that when you hire a mentor they will share THEIR formula but you should ALWAYS be looking at how you can adapt and create your own FORMULA..



noise 2

Having a mentor will allow you to expand your mind , formulas and therefore your brand

Just like this article expanded my brand into YOUR desk today right?

So how do you put all this together and what’s my final stage of BTM FORMULA and crafting a $1,000,000 brand?

Well maybe not final because their so many components but definitely 1 of the 3 I am Sharing today is TECHNICAL!

How do I put everything together??


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3- Technical is EASY when your direction is set , your content with your audience, followers and niche

Everything you do will align with your brand therefore strengthening your FOUNDATION..

So your best bet is leave the techie stuff to learn yourself for LAST, quite frankly because most of the techie stuff you can learn on:


What I am REALLY saying about the technical aspect of things and “piecing things together” and not feeling “overwhelmed” will stem from being consistent and applying

The ACTUAL learning curve is really never an issue unless of course you’re taking GEOMETRY..

But online marketing at its simplistic form is NOT GEOMETRY its marketing and advertising.

So once you understand the “basics” of the technical aspect of things you will begin to understand things are all based on CONSISTENCY

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The major factors in BRANDING are getting YOUR BRAND in front of as many targeted visitors as possible

Increase your “front end” visits or conversions AKA sales and your “back end” or “upsells” will continue to increase

Conversions happen when someone attaches emotion to something symbolic or for sale..

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Make Money Uber Style Get FREE Uber Promo Codes

traveling beastsAre you familiar with Uber promo codes? If you’re on my email list or reading this post I’m going to open your mind to how “EASY” it is to make money online with ANYTHING even Uber Promo Codes , today’s Uber Promo Codes example and video will show you how to promote Uber promo codes and make money Uber style, as  an affiliate to make money and get FREE Uber rides!

How Do You Make Money Uber Style and Get Uber Promo Codes?

Most people focus on MONEY, MONEY & MONEY which is cool…if you can save money on Taxis, Shuttles and other means of transportation by getting unlimited FREE rides from Uber just by referring friends that use Uber promo codes. Is that not a means of making money? Yes I thought so, keep reading! Below I’ve posted 3 of my favorites ways of getting traffic to my uber promo codes and offers although there are many other means out there. I have narrowed it down to 3 for all of my readers!

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1. Creating niche fan pages is one of the most POWERFUL things you can do online. If you click below you can see my AZ Beast sales page explaining how and WHY. To be honest, its because most people hangout on Facebook

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2. Creating banners to put on websites like you will see in the following video can be very powerful because as I mention in the video people are surfing the web looking at whatever they are looking at (like uber promo codes) and BOOM a banner pops up.

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$5,000 Days & Sky Zone Fun



So yesterday I was on my way back home and decided to stop in Oceanside and take my kids to this place called Sky Zone.

I remember when I was not able to do this type of thing it was actually the opposite….

When I used to work a 9-5 I would actually have REALLY SMALL vacations like MAYBE 5 days if I was lucky and 1/2 the time I would end up getting called back into work before I even got through my whole vacation (True Story)

So what changed?

My mindset!

I changed my mindset to KNOWING that my situation was going to change and that it did..

In 2011 I was fired from my job 2 months after buying my 1st home and I also had to deal with Ashley (my fiancé) not believing in me nor did I believe in myself.

So after I realized that the only person that TRULY needed to believe in me was ME!

I started to take MASSIVE action on creating products , affiliate income and hosting my own live events as you can see in the pics below hosting your own events can be very beneficial..


So back to the purpose of this email to inspire you that great things like $5,000 days can take place in your business even when you are out having fun with your family.

As you can see below my son hurt his foot but he is ok 🙂

Also as you see in that picture it was kind of cool I thought at least because I got a soda from the machine and it was HOT! So I asked the guy upfront to give me another and it had my oldest son’s name on it, pretty cool right?

Oh yea did I mention today we made 5K while doing almost nothing except meeting up with Nate Obryant for lunch then going to Sky Zone?

Alright , alright enough about me guys I want to give you 3 ways you can accumulate these results yourself and actually show up at my events in the near future as well , sound cool?

So here is what I would do if I were to start over online:

1- Brand myself very , very hard and start plastering content ALL OVER with my name, logo and imagery like pics of your logo or slogan on everything you do like videos, blogs etc.

Branding is the utmost powerful thing you can do in your business and even if you do not know what you are doing you can brand yourself as well

As you can see below is an example of a image that BRANDS ME , you can click it to take you to my blog and get some MASSIVE VALUE there

2- Create all my social media accounts and link them together to begin to get MASSIVE exposure so when I create content such as this I have many , many channels to send out my content to.

As an example I have over 45 different social networks , a few fan pages and email lists I can send out my content to , in order for people to get value from what you do they have to see it 1st right?

3- List building is one of those things that I PERSONALLY did not enjoy doing and it took me about 2 years to REALLY start actively building an email list to be quite transparent.

But a lot of people will ABUSE or MISUSE their email list and I personally choose to exude and pump VALUE into my email list and its not just an email list its PEOPLE!!

Some of those people you may see in the pic below , meaning that people that I come in contact with at events or online are not just a # they are PEOPLE! See this is what most marketers MISS is that behind that Aweber or Get Response # there is a person.

A person wondering how THEY too can give VALUE and provide things to the marketplace to make a name for themselves, so I choose to lead by example!!

Here is a RECAP below

Branding = Imprint Your Brand In Peoples Mind
Social Media = Massive Exposure Of Your Brand
Building a Big List = More Exposure In Your Online Business


So hopefully these 3 things have helped you out and if you got some VALUE I want you to head over to my fan page and or blog and drop a comment so that I KNOW you are getting value from these emails and continue to BLAST them out to you all!

I also attached a video on 3 diff ways to create income online and ENJOY!

Jermaine “Lead Monster” Steele

PS: Here is another blog post on 3 Ways To Build Leaders In MLM

PPS: If you want access to my next LIVE event or workshop , reply to this email or blog in the comment section or reply email with, ENJOY!!!



3 Ways To Build Leaders In MLM and Online Network Marketing

JSteeleSo if you are reading this article you are in for a treat as I am writing this from a perspective of helping to create MANY leaders online and offline marketing for that matter. So you might be looking to build leaders in MLM or have already built leaders in MLM and looking for further tips.

In this article I will share 3 of the many tips that have helped me to assist my leaders and their leaders in creating very sustainable income online and even in a very specific case helping 1 guy make over 363K his 1st year online.

So you have to ask yourself a couple questions before you dig into my 3 tips on building leaders in MLM.

1- Are you TRULY ready to lift others up more than yourself and build them unconditionally?

2- Are you ready to understand that there are certain points where your FOCUS will shift from one leader to another as other leaders grow above and beyond?

Once you understand these 2 things you are ready and in a ACTUAL ‘LEADER’ role online or offline and can move forward so here are 3 of the biggest things that I have learned that help build leaders online or in MLM from my past experience.


1- Branding is one of the BIGGEST things I teach my leaders is to come online and RIGHT AWAY get out of the gate with your own BRAND and identity to stand apart from all the others trying to make it online .

Align with that brand with your passion, goals and maybe even your marketing style or personality type, this will help you to Slead monsterTICK TO YOUR BRAND and not veer away from something that was just a PHASE.

Use your brand, color scheme and teach your leaders to do it across all channels of your business so that this way every time people see you they call you by your BRAND NAME .

Most people see my logo I actually got done on Fiverr 4 years ago and attach it to my nickname and say “LEAD MONSTER” ! So because I have done such a good job of BRANDING People will always attach my name to my nickname and logo

This is key for your leaders to set the bar high and get to another level!


Ebook2- Creating lead magnets and products showing them how to build a funnel that LEADS with VALUE AKA a lead magnet so when they do their advertising they can promote stuff like a FREE Ebook or FREE webinar like I talk about in the 3rd way to build leaders

You see alot of people get caught up in competing and never REALLY genuinely get to the point where they care more about their leaders than they do themselves . These 3 things will help you align more in a way that will help YOUR leaders and in TURN help YOU!


Because once you build your leaders and teach them to give VALUE and lead by example they will SEE that these things WORK , actually take action, get results and be a DIRECT reflection of YOU and YOUR work!

Makes sense right?

3- Teaching them to do webinars and host their own to set apart from YOU so they can become sustainable and self sufficient , no one REALLY wants to be taught to “LEAN ON OTHERS” right?

So teach them to host and GIVE VALUE for FREE to get people to KNOW like and trust you on webinars this way people get to KNOW YOU. So you are not always pitching or your leaders are not always pitching .

So teaching them to do their own webinars is VERY KEY and speaking of webinars I invite you to register for my next webinar ===>

core 4 formula 10

As you can see building leaders online or in MLM can be very easy if you allow it to be and I want to take this blog post to highlight some of of our leaders who have been getting some AMAZING results starting with Mr. I Make Noise Bryant

This guys came in and absolutely made this stuff LOOK easy and I want to share with you a video him and I did BEFORE he made 363K online his 1st year so you can SEE the transition and how much he ‘ALREADY HAD IT’ in him.

More importantly he has helped more people in a very short amount of time that has taken most people including ME YEARSSSS to do. He has helped over about 10 people to create 6 figure incomes! So pay attention to what he says!

Nate Obryant and Jermaine Steele Video 

Nate Proof



The next leader I want to highlight is Julius Kellowan who is crushing his coaching business right now and making sales DAILY with his lead magnet and tripwire funnels. Here is a video of us out in Orlando about a year ago talking about multiple income streams. This guys a traffic Don!

Julius Kellowan and Jermaine Steele Video

Last but definitely not least a man who came from a MLM and other affiliate modeled programs and FLAT OUT hated it! Why? Because its much easier to sell T-Shirts from his BASEMENT! Inside joke but actually TRUE and this guy has had 30K months selling t-shirts

He has a KILLER product and BRAND he is establishing in the marketing arena and even going to be having his own Tee Software so this guy DEFINITELY understands these components of BUILDING LEADERS .

Patrick Clears 30K In Tees Video


jermaine steele VEGAS

Hope you enjoyed the read and if you did go ahead and read some of my other blogs, LIKE and COMMENT on this page letting me know what you liked about it and register for my webinars and or email lists!