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MemberHub Review Why Build A Membership Site With MemberHub Platform

MemberHub Review Why Build A Membership Site With MemberHub Platform

With technology advancing rapidly it’s important for online businesses, and entrepreneurs to stay aware of cutting edge software and systems that aid in productivity. Those who create with forward thinking tend to make huge ripples in the marketplace. MemberHub is set to do exactly that! They’ve Identified a problem area, and added a long term solid solution. It’s a key to massive growth. Membership sites are a great way to build residuals, gain loyalty, and gives you a proper model that allows you to easily teach and reach others while continuing to provide content to your users.

WHY having a membership site is important?memberhub-2
– Recurring Income Stream
– Build Brand Loyalty and Trust
– Advertising Benefits (another income stream)
– Business Model Fits Multiple Purposes (teachers, trainers, coaches, sales teams, etc)

MemberHub does away with alot of issues that went along with building or maintaining a profitable membership site in the past. Gone is the learning curve for WordPress (one of the most popular platforms), MemberHub is stand alone and does not require wordpress, installs, or plugins. No more trying to figure out proper security settings, MemberHub covers the security needs to insure you don’t have to worry. NO MORE cookie cutter sites!! MemberHub has over 100 templates available within the platform. Not only that, each template page is fully customizable, allowing you to fine tune them to your, or your clients specifications. Email and payment integration in past membership platforms have required extra plugins and more “techie” knowledge just to get set up. Loads of plugins and code bog down websites and make the pages slow to load. Not with MemberHub. You get smooth lightening fast page loads due to the advanced technology that makes it all work.

MemberHub Features That Provide Solutions To Outdated Platforms

– Email Integration With Major Providers
– Payment Integration With Multiple Processors
– SSL and Security Enabled
– UNLIMITED Designs With 100’s of Templates
– Super Fast Page Loads

The two most talked about features of MemberHub? Gamification and ease of use. Also two of the most important pieces to building a 6 figure membership site. Nobody wants to get time sucked into a lengthy build out. We have members putting together sites in a matter of hours. No experience needed, just following the simple step by step walk through videos. I could spend all day describing the gamification features. Briefly, it allows you to create an interactive environment for your users. Used in multiple different ways. You can provide badges, or “rewards” for completing a task. You can drip feed content, where they can’t advance to the next module until the prior module is completed. You can easily add resources for download, or printable material that goes with your content. Surveys and questionnaires are also integrated for interactive purposes and gauging user progress. Built in testimonial boxes are also an option, providing a way to recognize and acknowledge efforts all around.

Of course there are other BLOW YOUR MIND features within MemberHub. Due to it being developed by a product creator and multiple 6 figure product launcher they left no stone un-turned as far as technological capabilities. Filling all needs including built in affiliate options, and automated sales pages for each individual product. Allowing you to build out library after library of content…with ease. Launch after launch building your community portal. If you’re an affiliate marketer you’ve probably already seen MemberHub in action, and just didn’t know it. It’s been in development since early last year, with some major product launches using the MemberHub membership platform hitting 6 and 7 figures repeatedly. Late last year beta testers were allowed in to further test and tweak the system. Now it’s ready for the public.

MemberHub launch is at 11am EST, Wed, Aug 24th, 2016. You can get first dibs on this cutting edge membership platform simply by clicking below. Early bird pricing will disappear fast so don’t wait!!memberhub


Enjoy the Journey and Remember to Show Love!!!

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Make Money With Uber & Get FREE Rides Uber Promotion Codes!

Make Money Uber Style Get FREE Uber Promo Codes

traveling beastsAre you familiar with Uber promo codes? If you’re on my email list or reading this post I’m going to open your mind to how “EASY” it is to make money online with ANYTHING even Uber Promo Codes , today’s Uber Promo Codes example and video will show you how to promote Uber promo codes and make money Uber style, as  an affiliate to make money and get FREE Uber rides!

How Do You Make Money Uber Style and Get Uber Promo Codes?

Most people focus on MONEY, MONEY & MONEY which is cool…if you can save money on Taxis, Shuttles and other means of transportation by getting unlimited FREE rides from Uber just by referring friends that use Uber promo codes. Is that not a means of making money? Yes I thought so, keep reading! Below I’ve posted 3 of my favorites ways of getting traffic to my uber promo codes and offers although there are many other means out there. I have narrowed it down to 3 for all of my readers!

Get Free Uber Codes

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1. Creating niche fan pages is one of the most POWERFUL things you can do online. If you click below you can see my AZ Beast sales page explaining how and WHY. To be honest, its because most people hangout on Facebook

You can see some of my RESULTS below by simply creating fan pages with names like Uber Promo Codes or Uber Promotions. You can see  THIS LINK I’m able to drive traffic from niche fan pages for pennies. I teach this in my flagship AZ Beast $497 training course. This allows me to build pages with a certain demographics of people so I can sell anything to them at a later date. In this case, people who like Woodworking as you SEE BELOW. 

This page has made us over $5,000 in Clickbank Woodworking sales and if you apply the SAME concepts to your MLM, BIZZ OPP or AFFILIATE PROGRAM you can achieve similar results! Most just won’t take the time to allow traffic to flow before they give up. So don’t be a QUITTER! This stuff absolutely works!

uber promo codes

Uber Promotions



2. Creating banners to put on websites like you will see in the following video can be very powerful because as I mention in the video people are surfing the web looking at whatever they are looking at (like uber promo codes) and BOOM a banner pops up.

They go oh nice! FREE Uber Promo Code and then they go to your link and sign up and magically you see $20 rides appearing in your account therefore saving and making you “MONEY” This simple yet powerful method is taught inside of my Banner Ad Frenzy course which will allow you to learn the WHOLE process PLUS Free Uber Promo Codes!

Uber Promo Codes

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3. Blogging and video reviews as I am on this very valuable post can help you to reach what we call ORGANIC people searching in a search engine to be able to find you when they search certain keywords like: Uber Promo Code, FREE Uber Promo Code or even FREE Uber Ride . The point is to fill your blog with VALUE so people can learn from it but to also “STUFF” your article with a reasonable amount of KEYWORDS

Uber Promo Code

So when people search for you, or Uber Promo Codes, they can find your blog , just like YOU may have typed in Uber Promo Codes , Promo Uber FREE Ride or something like that and found this blog. Others can do the same thing and so can YOU!  There are tons of ways to make money online, its just finding the right community, mentor, and putting in the required work! And don’t forget to grab your Uber promo codes.

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To make money Uber style or online can be a very tedious process and difficult or it can be very PROFITABLE and rewarding !

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Are Hendo HoverBoards REAL Or Fake?

Hendo Hoverboards have just hit the marketplace and at THIS point it looks like they need about $250,000 in funds to create this BEAST. This is the goal have put on the website over at KickStarters to get the FUNDS to create this REALITY

The really cool part is that you not only DONATE but you actually GET stuff when you do , for even a small donation  Hendo HoverBoard will still send you something. Because they believe without it supporters such as yourself they can not do and continue to do what they do.

Here’s some of the awesome stuff you will get with the different amounts that you are able to donate to the Hendo Hoverboard Team.




For $5 bucks  you will get a

– Your very own shout out from the Hendo Team. They promise to scream your name at the top of  their lungs LOL but also you will get a digital shout out like on social media.

For $10 bucks you will get

-Something sticky, well actually 2 things. You will get a Hendo magnet and a Hendo sticker.

For $25 bucks you will get

-Your very own Hendo T-shirt and if you submit a cool design maybe you will get one with that. They are still in the process of making them look really cool, so you have a good chance.

For $59 bucks you will get

-Your very own name, business name or even your company logo etched into the brand spanking new Hendo HoverPack.

For $100 bucks you will get

-A Hendo Hoverboard ride. What that means is that you will get 5 minutes just to get a feel for it (plus the sticky stuff & T-shirt)

For $149 bucks you will get

-The Hendo Beta Board plus the sticky stuff & T-shirt. Its not really board you can physically ride but it is a little display of the Hendo magic, this beta board will display the ‘concept’ of the Hendo hoverboard.

For $299 bucks you will get

-Your very own Hendo Hover Engine Set and enough surface to hover it on (plus the sticky stuff & T-shirt). You can even remove and try to create something of your own design or just come up with something that you are able to use the Hendo technology for.

For $349 bucks you will get

-A better looking white box, well its the same as the Hendo Hover Engine but the outside design is nicely done for your view able enjoyment (plus the sticky stuff and t-shirt)

For $449 bucks you will get

-Your very own Full Size Replica Hendo Hoverboard, however there is no engine in this. But it looks cool.. (plus the sticky stuff & T-shirt)

For $899 bucks you will get

-TheHendo WhiteBox+ this contains the same hover engine as the hoverboard, scaled down, and its remotely controlled by your smartphone. However this is not designed to be taken apart. (plus the sticky stuff & T-shirt)

For $949 bucks you will get

-The Hendo WhiteBox+ with skins. If just the Hendo WhiteBox+ is to boring for you spruce it up with some of these skins. (plus the sticky stuff & T-shirt)

For $1000 bucks you will get

-A coach and ride. This is an extended Hoverboard ride with one hour of private coaching by team Hendo Hoverboards. (plus the sticky stuff & T-shirt)

For $2000 bucks you will get

-A VIP pass to Hendo’s 10/21/15 event. This ALL access pass with lots of Hendo Hoverboard time. You will get a chance to mingle with famous people and eat some great food. And also get behind the scenes with Hendo’s creative team. (plus the sticky stuff & T-shirt)

For $5000 bucks you will get to be a

Team Hendo Honorary Member- perfect for scientists and makers of the future. You will be able to be apart of the inspiration and the vision by immersing yourself with the Hendo Hoverboard team. You will get the chance to meet Greg Henderson, and his wife and co founder Jill. Engage in brainstorming regarding the next innovative project. You will be flown out, put in a hotel and shown around. (plus the sticky stuff & T-shirt)

For $10000 bucks you will get

-Your very own Hendo Hoverboard. Be the very first person on your block, state and maybe even country. (plus the sticky stuff & T-shirt)

Hendo Hover chose to launch with a Kickstarter campaign because they wanted the public to be an integral part of our story, as close to its genesis as possible. Their supporters not only have financial buy in, but an almost spiritual buy in as well, not just for the technology but for the ultimate vision of Hendo – a place where anyone with “naive daring” can approach the “impossible”.

Hendo thanks you for not only supporting thier campaign, but also for joining them on this great endeavor. They look forward to building the future together!



Social Lead Chief Review And Bonus

Social Lead Chief Review And Bonus



What if you can use a software on Facebook that can generate leads and sales for you and your business? Well that’s where Social Lead Chief comes into play.

Get Leads Using the NEW Social Lead Chief, are YOU asking the right questions to your audience or potential LEADS???

You are probably NOT asking the right questions , you see we have understood for lever a year people love to make MICRO commitments like if you say..

” Who wants on my webinar ”

People will say ‘ I do ‘ or “yes’

It allows them to COMMIT and keep moving we have gotten REALLY good at using this for engagement on Facebook and marketing online in general..

What this software is able to do for you is, polls your audience, makes surveys and quizzes right inside of their Facebook news feed.

   When someone just answers one of your questions studies show that a large amount of people who have        done  that are more likely to complete your surveys or polls on Facebook.

I seen all over Facebook quizzes like, “Would you die in a Horror Movie?” or “Which Disney Villan are            you?” And   guess what? Iv’e taken the quizzes just to see how I placed and just for fun and to see what my    friends came out  with.

So I know first hand how these quizzes and polls  from Social Lead Chief will have an effect on your           leads and how they can defiantly make you more sales in your business.







 Inside Social Lead Chief

  • Create Profit Pulling Surveys In Other People’s Facebook Newsfeed!
  • Don’t Lose Traffic! Your Creations Work On Smart phones & Tablets.
  • Drastically INCREASE your post engagement! INCREASES ‘Viralbility’
  • Keeps Traffic Inside Facebook, Lowers Ad Spend, INCREASES ROI!
  • Top Markerters Wet Dream: Facebook Newsfeed Micro Commitments!
  • And It Does So Much More…


 This Is EXACTLY How You’re Going To PROFIT:

Just SOME of The MANY Ways Social Lead Chief Will Boost Your Income & Business…

  •  Make INCREDIBLE Engaging Quizzes, Surveys, and Polls To Sell Your Products and Services!
  • Promote Affiliate Offers and Easily Stand Out From The Rest! You’re Light-Years Ahead!
  • Pre-Sell Products And Pre-Frame Leads In A New Innovative Way! INCREASES Conversions!
  • Use It For Your Clients Business Willing to Pay Hundreds to Thousands For A Campaign!
  • Build Your LIST, Build AUTHORITY! Captivate and Engage Your Audience With Your NEW Tool
  • Grow Your Traffic! With The Power of Facebook and a GREAT Engaging Surveys, and Polls!


==>Become An Affiliate <==


But wait there’s more… Social Lead Chief is giving you some KILLER BONUSES but this is only for a limited time once you decide to get in!







BUT I  will ALSO be giving my BONUSES just for you getting your Social Lead Chief through my link.. Watch my video above and see exactly what you get!!




To Your Success


Jermaine ‘Leadmonster’ Steele


Tube Cash Empire Review and BONUS — Posted Using SM Beast The #1 Online Social Media DASHBOARD

Check out Tube Cash Empire I just did a review and published this to over 40 social media accounts and you can TOO using SM beast and Affiliate Beast Mode 2.0 

Leave me a comment below if you want to learn HOW!



So in this video and blog not only am I going to light the path to ‘GETTING STARTED’ I am going to link you off to some of my other blogs, my fan page and other means of reaching me so that if you are STILL struggling with setting up you can JOIN MY TEAM or you can reach out to us for coaching as you can see in the link below

See Some Of Jermaine’s Coaching Clients <===

So as you can see if you DID optin and take the time to get more info that we have helped TONS of people but I know, I know you want to know HOW is this going to WORK for ME right?

Well if you follow along the videos the 1st one is showing you HOW and where to get access to the EXCACT lead pages that I use to promote my business, we actually have 2 different ones we use. The 2nd video is to show you how to install Aweber and integrate it so that when your customers put in their email they can get information and communications from YOU.

The last but DEF not least video will get you on your feet to getting some LEADS!!

Everyone’s question is HOW do I get Traffic Jermaine!!

Well as you can see some PROOF shots and testimonies inside of this blog as well as in the link you clicked below! Success leaves clues guys!

How To Set Up a Lead Page and Redirect To Your Offer


How To Set Up and Connect Aweber

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $1

How To Use Fiverr to Get Traffic

So now that you have watched all of our videos I will say that the MOST important steps to breaking the mental shackles is to UNDERSTAND people BETTER and what they ACTUALLY NEED …. If you are interested in getting the advanced training and group to help you better understand people you can click below to get started with BTSLM ADVANCED

By getting the ADVANCED version of this training you will get access to:

1- Craigslist BONUS training ($197 VALUE)

2- Instagram Automation BONUS training ($97 VALUE)

Also I have left you a couple of links for videos about CPA marketing and understanding people as a BONUS !

ENJOY! Make sure to click around my blog and add me on Facebook and/or like my fan page for more updates and training !

How To Better Understand People

How Does CPA Affiliate Marketing Work?

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