3 Ways To Build Leaders In MLM and Online Network Marketing

JSteeleSo if you are reading this article you are in for a treat as I am writing this from a perspective of helping to create MANY leaders online and offline marketing for that matter. So you might be looking to build leaders in MLM or have already built leaders in MLM and looking for further tips.

In this article I will share 3 of the many tips that have helped me to assist my leaders and their leaders in creating very sustainable income online and even in a very specific case helping 1 guy make over 363K his 1st year online.

So you have to ask yourself a couple questions before you dig into my 3 tips on building leaders in MLM.

1- Are you TRULY ready to lift others up more than yourself and build them unconditionally?

2- Are you ready to understand that there are certain points where your FOCUS will shift from one leader to another as other leaders grow above and beyond?

Once you understand these 2 things you are ready and in a ACTUAL ‘LEADER’ role online or offline and can move forward so here are 3 of the biggest things that I have learned that help build leaders online or in MLM from my past experience.


1- Branding is one of the BIGGEST things I teach my leaders is to come online and RIGHT AWAY get out of the gate with your own BRAND and identity to stand apart from all the others trying to make it online .

Align with that brand with your passion, goals and maybe even your marketing style or personality type, this will help you to Slead monsterTICK TO YOUR BRAND and not veer away from something that was just a PHASE.

Use your brand, color scheme and teach your leaders to do it across all channels of your business so that this way every time people see you they call you by your BRAND NAME .

Most people see my logo I actually got done on Fiverr 4 years ago and attach it to my nickname and say “LEAD MONSTER” ! So because I have done such a good job of BRANDING People will always attach my name to my nickname and logo

This is key for your leaders to set the bar high and get to another level!


Ebook2- Creating lead magnets and products showing them how to build a funnel that LEADS with VALUE AKA a lead magnet so when they do their advertising they can promote stuff like a FREE Ebook or FREE webinar like I talk about in the 3rd way to build leaders

You see alot of people get caught up in competing and never REALLY genuinely get to the point where they care more about their leaders than they do themselves . These 3 things will help you align more in a way that will help YOUR leaders and in TURN help YOU!


Because once you build your leaders and teach them to give VALUE and lead by example they will SEE that these things WORK , actually take action, get results and be a DIRECT reflection of YOU and YOUR work!

Makes sense right?

3- Teaching them to do webinars and host their own to set apart from YOU so they can become sustainable and self sufficient , no one REALLY wants to be taught to “LEAN ON OTHERS” right?

So teach them to host and GIVE VALUE for FREE to get people to KNOW like and trust you on webinars this way people get to KNOW YOU. So you are not always pitching or your leaders are not always pitching .

So teaching them to do their own webinars is VERY KEY and speaking of webinars I invite you to register for my next webinar ===>

core 4 formula 10

As you can see building leaders online or in MLM can be very easy if you allow it to be and I want to take this blog post to highlight some of of our leaders who have been getting some AMAZING results starting with Mr. I Make Noise Bryant

This guys came in and absolutely made this stuff LOOK easy and I want to share with you a video him and I did BEFORE he made 363K online his 1st year so you can SEE the transition and how much he ‘ALREADY HAD IT’ in him.

More importantly he has helped more people in a very short amount of time that has taken most people including ME YEARSSSS to do. He has helped over about 10 people to create 6 figure incomes! So pay attention to what he says!

Nate Obryant and Jermaine Steele Video 

Nate Proof



The next leader I want to highlight is Julius Kellowan who is crushing his coaching business right now and making sales DAILY with his lead magnet and tripwire funnels. Here is a video of us out in Orlando about a year ago talking about multiple income streams. This guys a traffic Don!

Julius Kellowan and Jermaine Steele Video

Last but definitely not least a man who came from a MLM and other affiliate modeled programs and FLAT OUT hated it! Why? Because its much easier to sell T-Shirts from his BASEMENT! Inside joke but actually TRUE and this guy has had 30K months selling t-shirts

He has a KILLER product and BRAND he is establishing in the marketing arena and even going to be having his own Tee Software so this guy DEFINITELY understands these components of BUILDING LEADERS .

Patrick Clears 30K In Tees Video


jermaine steele VEGAS

Hope you enjoyed the read and if you did go ahead and read some of my other blogs, LIKE and COMMENT on this page letting me know what you liked about it and register for my webinars and or email lists!



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