4 Fast Ways To Create Affiliate Income

4 Fast Ways To Create Affiliate Income

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4 fast ways to create affiliate income

I just came back from a weekend in Las Vegas with my beautiful fiance Ashley. We enjoy being able to live our lives with freedom, and the ability to help others reach their goals. I tell my coaching clients to always give VALUE! What you give you get. It’s these 4 fast ways to create affiliate income that I used when I first started on this journey. I can’t promise you guaranteed income. I can promise you this though, these 4 fast ways to create affiliate income will get you started on the right path to freedom. The sooner you start applying the 4 fast ways to create affiliate income the closer you are to your goal.

4 Fast Ways To Create Affiliate Income Simplified

Video Reviews

  • Find a trending or popular affiliate product or news topic
  • Create a quick 2 minute video on it or go more in depth and use keywords to tag your video , when someone searches for that keyword they find you and buy from your link
  • Post your videos In relevant groups or on sites to get more exposure

Niche Fan Pages

  • Create a FANPAGE based on a particular niche or hobby
  • Fill it with relevant content based in that niche or hobby
  • Take a cpa or affiliate offer and put it in front of the targeted visitors you have acquired
  • Selling On EBay or Amazon

Hosting Webinars

  • Pick a company or niche and target them using Facebook ads
  • Set up a webinar and target MLM companies that need assistance getting leads for their business
  • Create a POWERPOINT and present to them the deal they cant resist
  • L. I . T take something you learn today which is a whole lot and REINVENT it


  • Pick a strength or hobby that you have that you can sell on Fiverr
  • This can be a creating something physical or even something as simple as creating a video for your customer
  • You can write for people
  • You can edit videos for people
  • Use these starter funds to scale up your business

4 Fast Ways to Create Affiliate Income From Home

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